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feeling the sensation of soiling yourself

In the last few years I've developed an issue where in settings where I'm not comfortable or don't know everyone, I get a the feeling of having to use the bathroom but when I go I almost never really have to use the bathroom. As soon as i return from the bathrrom the feeling returns until i feel like its either i go now or i soil my pants. I've found it helps when I drink alcohol so as a result I've become a alcoholic. I've been doing bad in school and my lifes completely miserable. I've contemplated suicide but I wouldn't want to put my family through that. Someone please respond so I know I'm not the only one with this issue. What can I do to prevent this?
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Try therapy because your situation is something that needs to be discussed with someone who has experience and can help you.
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Hi Ricky.
I'm so sorry for your suffering.
The symptoms/details you posted indicate social anxiety.
Anxiety has different faces and its effects manifest in a various ways.
Therapy can make a difference like AnxiousNoMore mentioned, when you hook up with a good therapist and can be in sync with.
Often there's a disconnect between Therapist and Client
which may result in wasting your money and time.
So finding the "right" Therapist is vital.
I've had success both personally  as a client  and as a Therapist with Spiritual Psychotherapy using Chakra balancing, as well as Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques.
You may want to also look into counselling for alcoholism,
which may be available to you at no charge.
Just check out the list of services and resources offered in your area.
Best wishes,
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