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feels like im so stressed out, i am going to explode. what should i do?

So when i am stressed out (the same thing everytime that triggers me to feel this way basically), I feel so intense, cant breathe, fingers twitching/tensed up, spaced out/staring in to space, loss of focus, confused, flat mood, aggressive ( like i need to break something, I did end up hurting myself once). And then I just can't focus for the rest of the day.

It became so frequent that it is affecting my work efficiency so much. I try to tell myself not to think about it or just ignore it. But I feel that I have no control over my brain.
But normally I am not like this and very positive most of the time.

I am a little worried because I've been having this chest pain for nearly a year and I know it could be from stress but I think too much constantly that what if it is something more dangerous. This stresses me out even more.

Also, my siblings and father have a history of depression, and one of the siblings is under medication for over 10 years. I want to find ways to help myself before it becomes something serious.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me, if there are ways/excercises to calm down.
Thank you very much.
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There are lots of techniques out there, including meditation, exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, progressive muscle tensing -- but usually you learn them in therapy from a therapist expert in treating anxiety.  That's the place to start.
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Healthy diet and sleep are the best treatment for anxiety and depression. it can occur due to several reasons so the type of treatments should be decided only after considering the intensity of it. Depression and anxiety will adversely affect our self-esteem. After the death of my husband, I had gone through such a situation and got a mood disorder treatment and clinical counselling with the help of an expert psychologist in Toronto. My doctor (Dr. Eliana Cohen) prescribed me to do some stress relief games, exercises and therapies (yoga, meditation, massage) along with the regular medications. She also advised me to get proper sleep and practice a balanced diet. It really worked for me.
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