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footdrop and weakness on legs and feet

what causes my weakness on my left  leg and feet? I limp when I walk and all tests had been done and all specialists said everything are normal.I can't walk far and when my feet and legs start to hurt, it affected my left thigh and hips.I'm really scared. Something is wrong with me.
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I first thought your post was misplaced, but upon reading your brief post it appears you have already tried the obvious, but...

Has physical therapy been discussed, tried?

How is you weight, are you over weight by more than a few pounds?

When you have pain do pain meds provide relief?  Does the pain return even if you do not engage in physical activity?

How about you physical activity level, relates to physical therapy but doesn't necessarily involve a PT.  If you are very inactive your muscles and even bones can degenerate and become weak.

Can the causes be anxiety?  I await someone saying it was/is for them, otherwise I think not due to anxiety.  It may, nonetheless cause anxiety.

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