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for anyone dealing with health anxiety

I suffer from severe health anxiety and I've noticed that a lot of people posting here do too. I wanted to make this thread for everyone to post about their health anxiety, the tests that have been done and most likely come back negative, and how each person deals with it on a daily basis.

My health anxiety is focused on my stomach. I constantly worry about what's going on with it and focus on every little feeling. Its been difficult for me to eat because I fear that eating will make whatever horrible disease I happen to think I have worse. For the entire month of september I was convinced that I was having gallbladder attacks and needed it removed. I went to the er 3 times that month and all my tests came back fine.

So then I began thinking I have something horribly wrong with my stomach like cancer or something thar the docs just don't know about. My doc has me scheduled for and upper endoscopy and more bloodwork coming up in january. She's convinced I'm just dealing with ibs as a result as the extreme stress I'm under constantly worrying about my stomach. She is probably right...when I take xanax my nausea and stomach pains subside...which clearly points to anxiety since xanax only helps anxiety not stomach ailments.

I'm finding it hard to live a normal life. No matter what's going on I'm always focused on how my stomach is feeling. I can't have fun anymore because of it and its slowly destroying my relationship with my boyfriend. I've been going to therapy for it since this all began after my grandmother died back in january. I was very close to her and it was very traumatic for me.

So I hope others will share so we can all see how we all do the exact same worrying about what's going on with our bodies. Maybe it'll help us just knowing that we aren't alone and that there are a lot of people suffering from health anxiety.
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Good post and I'm sure you will get many folks responding.

The one thing that really jumps off the page for me is the fact you've been seeing a therapist for almost an entire year and you don't seem to have really benefited much from the experience.
That the Xanax controls your anxiety but does nothing for your stomach issues makes me wonder why she hasn't sent you to a Gastroenterologist to rule out any problems there before apparently blaming it all on anxiety.
It may be time to search out a new therapist who will help you move on.
And there is no question that you, or any of us, is alone with our health anxiety!
I am very sorry about the loss of your Grandmother. Most of us can also relate to the traumatic loss of a loved one. It is terribly difficult.
I wish you the very best, and write to us anytime you need to talk.
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Hi Erin, sorry things aren't any better for you.  Hang in there you'll find lots of people who share this same anxiety. Take care.
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I too have health anxiety issues.  Mostly about my heart and my head.  I use to always think I was having a heart attack, brain anerusym or stroke.  I have had countless test and thankfully they came back negative.

My anxiety started almost 11 years ago when my grandfather died suddenly from a heart attack.  He was awaken from his sleep from the attack and by the time the ambulance got to him it was too late.  Two weeks later I had my 1st panic attack that woke me up out of my sleep and I went to the er because I thought I was having a heart attack.  Things just got worse from there.  

My anxiety comes and goes in phases.  I did therapy and meds in the past and they helped for awhile but eventually the anxiety returned.  I currently have a therapist that I love and she is helping me with CBT therapy which seems to be working.  Currently I am not on medication but I am doing things to try and live a healthier lifestyle.  I try and eat right, exercise, and I take a multi vitamin everyday.  I am not saying this is a cure but it does seem to help me.

I was doing great until recently.  I just found out my niece has Leukemia and my brother her fahter has Non Hodgkins Lymphnoma (stage 4).  My nieces prognosis looks good because she is stage 1 and they began treatment right away.  My brother is currently going through intense chemo.  He is only 28 so the fact that he is young is a good thing.  It is just really scary and now I am like a nut with my own kids.  I freak out over every little bruise.  I know I can't live like this so that is something I am working on with my therapist.

I truly think that with the support of the people on this forum and some hardwork we can all get better.

I hope that I didn't ramble on too much and that I was able to offer alittle insight to my health anxiety.  Thanks for the post and for listening.  I hope you feel better soon!!!
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I have been dealing with  health anxiety for about two years. It all started when I had this mysterious black out and fell on my head. After that incident I kept having severe panic attacks all day for about a month. I didn't sleep or eat either. To this day I am not sure if it might of been psychosis or just panic. It was very scary, I felt like I was going insane. Everyday I constantly monitor all my body sensations. I have a fear of getting Psychotic Depression. Sometimes I get these weird sensations in my nervous system that makes me very irritable. When that happens it is just the most uncomfortable feeling, like I cant escape myself. I haven't really had any really bad moods in a while, so I think i am finally starting to get over it and deal with things better.  In time things will get better along with practicing positive thinking.
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After two deaths of people who I was close to, I started to develop what I believe is health anxiety. I worry about every little ache, pain, twitch, or tingle.

My anxiety mostly revolves around neurological issues. One week I believe I have MS and the next week I believe I have a tumor. Now, I'm worrying about ALS.

What doesn't help is that I research every symptom. It just adds to the stress and anxiety. I can't eat. I can't sleep until my body will literally shut down. My mind is working overtime.

It's horrible and debilitating. I can't concentrate on anything else. It's a vicious cycle.

My issue is that I also refuse to take medications for my anxiety.
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Greenlydia: I may have worded it wrong but the only time my stomach feels normal is after I take xanax which is why my doc is pretty certain it is all just anxiety. I am seeing a gi in january for a few more tests but so far all bloodwork and xrays have showed nothin abnormal at all. I am doing a million times better than I was a few months ago. I actually get hungry again but I start getting anxious while I eat or right after which makes me feel sick and miserable. It hasn't been very fun to say the least.
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