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freaking out about possible candida!!

I'm freaking out that I have candida.  Was wondering if anyone else has dabbled in this diagnosis or if this is just my imagination.  I have a white coating on my tongue that mostly went away on Diflucan but has since slowly made its return back.  Most of it brushes off, but more and more its staying there since the Diflucan.  And brain fog...

Is this anxiety?  Am i just over worrying about something?  I read about candida online but then the doctor says it can't be that.  What are your thoughts?  Going crazy!!!
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I answered your PM, but I'll reiterate here, that thrush can be caused by many things, the most common being antibiotics.  It can be stubnorn at times and not go away easy.  Thrush is hard to miss...the coating is usually very obvious, and it is usually very painful (I've had it myself...ouch).

MY opinion?  Yes, you are worrying over nothing.  Like I asked you in the PM. what have you done to address the anxiety?  That is SO important.  If you don't do something, you will just continue to chase your tail.  You don't have to suffer with anxiety, there IS help out there!!!
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I have read through a couple of your posts and would like to say a couple things.  Yes you may have candida and there are tests to see how severe it is like stool and blood but im not sure thats waht would be causing your brain fog.  It really depends what kind of brain fog you have.  One thing i will note is the adrenaline rushes and constant anxiety i am almost positive are due to magnesium defciency which usually is results from candida.  But i must warn you that taking oral magnesium at the doses you need to get to normal levels would cause diarrhea so you would have to do magnesium oil many times a day or mag injections(not that hard just like insulin shots that people do but still have to do it safely) the adrenaline and candida will continue to lower you magnesium levels as you try to build them back up as magnesium is what blocks epeniphrine and is sometiems called a natural beta blocker. ONe other thing is people that have magnesium deficency are commonly defcienct in b6 which is used to absorb mag and taking p5p(active from of b6) should really help if this is one of your missing pieces.  Brain fog has many causes if its like memory problems its probably candida. if its like slow thinking its probably thyroid(yes your tests are probably normal)
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Thank you johnson139, these are definitely things that I will consider.

I have been taking magnesium orally since I started having these issues, because I have PVC's and taking magnesium pretty much eliminates that issue.  I have heard that I should be on top of my B vitamins too, and I may consider taking extra of those.  I take a whole foods vitamin currently and I think it is great, but does not have too many B vitamins.

I haven't had an issue with brain fog recently, and it could be a couple of things- I am now taking prozac and working on my anxiety issues, I drink a lot of probiotics as well as taking a very well rated probiotic pill, and I recently took the 2 week dose of Diflucan. I am nearly 100% sure I had leaky gut syndrome, as I was allergic to gluten and dairy for a while the beginning of this year.  But I can now eat almost anything but for the time being and I am staying away from dairy for a little while longer (I drink kefir for the probiotics, however).

There was definitely an emtional aspect to all this, so I think taking care of that has helped me physically as well!
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