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front/side of neck and feeling of swollen throat

I have high anxiety/stress/TMJ. I few weeks ago the front of my throat/neck started to hurt. On the outside not inside. My muscles. More on the right side kind of in my Adams apple area but to the side. I also feel like I have something in my throat at times or have to clear it as I do have drainage going on from allergies. Some times my throat feels dry although I do not have a cough. I grind my teeth almost constantly . My Dr. knows I have high stress and anxiety. I talked with her( phone) and she think it is probably  from allergies stress and TMJ. I feel the pain the most during the night and when I wake up. It usually goes away(not completely) for the most part during the day. When I'm busy at work. I have noticed I am starting to get very mild headaches. Sometimes I do notice my voice is horse. Maybe once a day or every other day. Just for a minute then Its fine.
I'm a major hypercondriate  (SPLG). Trying to relax and not worry but my mind is wandering to bad things.
Looking for some reassurance?  Thank you Oh I also have acid relex...
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I think all those issues you list are unrelated and most are minor so try to keep that in mind when you feel panicky thinking that a combo of bad things must be a major problem. For instance:
The throat muscles seem minor to me, and more like just in your imagination from worrying too much. And a 1 minute hoarse voice is not anything to worry about.
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Are you doing anything to help you relax your body, if not your mind?  Such as exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, therapy?  Sometimes even when your anxiety is hard to fix the symptoms you focus on because of it can be fixed.  For example, acid reflux is a dietary problem.  It is often caused by lying down too soon after eating, causing the acid in your stomach to flow up instead of down and out.  The excess acidity is often caused by poor eating habits, not chewing food enough, eating too quickly, eating too much, eating too much of foods that are hard to digest, etc.  There are also gently natural remedies that can often help this problem.  
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