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general anxiety disorder?

I have been told I have general anxiety disorder for over 10 years and really have not done much. When I exercise alot I feel better so I assume that helps. I have read waht it says about it and I do not worry exessively, it does not interfere with my  job, but lately in the last 3 years, I can tell i am changing.
My first husband of 31 years died suddently, my son got married to a horror of a wormen 8 months after that, which ended in divorce a terrilbe on invlovling police, in only 6 months and seh had a child which I loved dearly,they left, then I meet a new man, whom I love dearly, but it was too soon, we got married an dhave been marreid now for 2 years, but lately it seems along with menopause and weight gain and changes I m having a terrible time. I seem to get major headahces, stiff muscles, cna't sleep, easily aggitated, high blood pressrue and now high cholestrol, been treated for thryoid by a dr now been told to go off by anotehr one, have rheumatoid arthritis, was just givien lorazapem .025 two times  day, first ocupel days okay but I noticed when it wore off i had major anixety worse, adn then by day 5 it made me feel like i wanted to end it all, so went off and had horrilbe withdrwal afte ronly 5 days.
I guess my quesiton is how do you deal with all this? I have tired therapy but I am a great actor!!
I think I am over whlemed now, I see too many drs, don't trust any of them, secodn guess all ofthem and i know taht is not good. I am afirad i am headed for a break down.
My leg  musles ache all the tme, I sleep at nigth but get woken up at least 3 times a night by whinning dogs, I have tried it all for them, i am at my wits end. can you have gad and not have it totally interfer ewith life> talking seems to be better, exercise seems to help alot, but with the ra it is had to do. I react so bad to drugs, I am goign to start accuptunre, but tha twill freak me out with the needles but better than takign meds!!
Any ideas, support, would be wonderful
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one more thing I also can't ever get my mind to shut up!! I constanly can not relax and I hear my pulse in my head all the time!
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I don't use medication for anxiety, but everyone requires a unique course of treatment.  The one thing that truly stands out in your writing was where you talk about the medication you already take, and then about how it doesn't work and you don't trust your doctors.
       Finding professional help for anxiety is pretty much the best thing you can do for treatment of anxiety, but it isn't as easy as picking out a doctor. You have to find someone who understands you and works with you. In your case, a lot of high-pressure situations, accompanied by getting some seriously high-octane medication thrown at you probably isn't the best way to treat anxiety and depression.
       Although everyone's individual course of treatment varies, a combination of therapies working together seems to be the most effective way to treat anxiety for many people.  Although you're not going to like this, you're probably going to either need to go back to your doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist or anxiety specialist- someone different, basically... or you might try going to a new doctor and starting over to see if a fresh perspective helps.
     You're going to have to manage your own health- telling your doctor what you want to do, and your feedback on what is happening is absolutely critical. The most difficult part of treating anxiety and depression is getting an effective course of treatment started- after that, it's just work. More than anything, you have to be honest and open with yourself and with your doctor if you want to change things- you may be a good actor, but that hasn't done much good for your health so far, so it's time to change how you manage your own health care.
        You need good healthy sleep, too. Earplugs, exercise, something to help you sleep. I would absolutely suggest against herbs or alternative cures- accupuncture does work for some people, though. It's maybe worth a try,but it's no substitute for counseling, in my opinion.
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I am sorry to hear about all that is going on, it seems that a lot of problems are weighing you down. Have you ever tried cognitive Behavioral therapy? ( It has worked miracles in the past for me, something I need to look into again) and yes finding a doctor you can trust is one of the hardest things to do, when one is battling anxiety. I am terrified of needles as well, yet I have tried acupuncture (and would do so again) You feel absolutely no pain at all, if you just clothes your eyes and do not look at the procedure , it can be very beneficial . I wish you the best.
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*close your eyes, sorry I am feeling on edge
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If you don't trust your doctors that will make you even more anxious.  You can find PCP's that are very good at dealing with anxiety disorders.  I actually met with a few to find the right one.  I think you need to find a doctor,counselor or psychiatrist that you can trust and feel comfortable with.  Good luck with everything and remember menopause can play a big part in the whole picture.
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I wish I could give a glimmer of hope. I have almost all the symptoms. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I have had it since I was 19. I have been on many different meds, psycho therapy ect, I am now 33 and still have the anxiety. The only thing that works is getting drunk and poof the anxiety magically goes away. I traded one problem for for another. I know being a drunkard is terrible but omg its so much better then feeling like im dying every day. 14 years of anxiety has really beat me up. I am told I act like an old grumpy man. Well what can I say...I am just tired.
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