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generalized aniety disorder

i was diagnosed with GAD but until now i was  lead to believe i had something dirfferent by a former medico this guy has since made my life difficult and i am now frightened
what am i going to be expecting because i dont know whats waht im new to this
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welcome to this site. you'll find alot of people here that are going throught the same thing you are. has your dr. recommended anything yet? medication and or therapy?
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You made a good decison to come to this forum. I was diagnosed with GAD 16 months ago but I have experienced anxiety symtoms since I was 18 now I am 51. Therapy has done wonders for me to understand the way my mind processes anxiety symptoms and has taught me how to deal with them. Also the frequency of my panic attacks have decreased since going through therapy and coming to this forum has helped . My concern for you is your need for a Dr. you can trust. Maybe you should consider going to a Dr. that has a good reputation. Now take good care of yourself and keep us informed of how you are doing.

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thanks people
im with a new psychologist hes a
good person that doesnt hypnotise
i have only been to hospitial once
but still im new to this
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Hi.  I am a 51 year old woman who was also diagnosd with GAD.  I am also a clinical depressive, had my first episode at age 9.  I take Klonopin, 3 times a day  .5 mg for the anxiety and Celexa 60 mg, for the depression.  My GAD got real bad about 7 months ago after I underwent colon surgery but prior to that, in the mid 90;s, I was having panic attacks and have suffered from anxiety just didn't have a name for it.  This is a wonderful place to post and I am glad that you are going to see a "shrink".  I love mine.  He is very understanding and compassionate...very important for people with GAD....  Take care  
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