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geodon and luvox

i started geodon and luvox 2 days ago. i started haveing weird feelings from the medine such as being real drowsy in the mornings and throughout the afternoon. i have even had some scary obsessive thoughts that i havnt had in a really long time. could this be cause by anxiety from starting new meds? i have also recently found out that there is a 3yr old girl that might be mine and i have an appt to find out for sure in a week. im having a hundred different emotions from that situation as well. has anyone had similar side effects from taking geodon and luvox and what are some side effects if any that i should look out for?
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i cant help you on the meds side,but you probably very anxious over your current situation,it is alot to take in and deal with.
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Usually the Medication got paper work with it,read up on the med before you start taken if you still aint sure go to see your G.P he or she should of explained to yourself.It might well be the situation with everything going on in your life at the moment but if it was me i would check out the paper work if you still aint happy go on the net to find out eveything you want to know usually the net is pretty good type in the med then read might even be a video to watch that could explain better.Best of luck to you...
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I took luvox for a short period of time and it made me extremely nauseous, but everyone responds differently. You are also probably extremely anxious over your current situation. If you want to find out the side effects then look up the drugs on this website and they should be posted under the drugs tab. Hope this helps! -Sara
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