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just to say goodbye to the few people whove had the time and consideration to give me some support and caring words cj nursiegirl and few others still cant get head sorted used to be a normal down to earth kinda girl but shes left now  she drives people mad with her moaning and illnesses and everything else needs to find answers needs to look 4 help .again thankyou  to those who have given me there time
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Who has left and why are you going?
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me im not the person i used to be  im a freak cant get answers to my condition cause nobody believes me they just say its anxiety  i sure its somthing serious not even my doc will support me no more said hes not intrested in my headaches  i feel as if everybodys avoiding me no one to talk things over withso best bets to deal with it alone  thankyou
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You got an answer to this post. I am sure you have got answers to other posts as well. I know we are not all doctors or nurses. You can understand why some people would not be willing to tell you that you have this or that on the forum here. It would be wrong of them to do so. But that shouldn't stop you posting. Words alone might help you. I know it helps me big time. Just clearing out what exactly is on my mind. To me, that is a good enough reason as any to hang around.
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Hey Sweetie,
Please reconsider your decision to leave and go this alone! As MrGreen has pointed out, we are not doctors nor physchiatrists here, but we ARE a bunch of folks who have been through what you're going through, even if you have a hard time believing that. You just haven't hit on the right doctor yet and I know that is very, very frustrating, but you can't give up! I spent over 10 years being told by moronic doctors that I was just a "nervous nellie," an "anxious annie," or that my "monthly hormones" were acting up. NOBODY would believe me that something much worse was happening to me. But one day I found a doctor who KNEW exactly what I was going through. Hell, he even had a bloody name for it! You cannot imagine my relief to know that I wasn't crazy, the relief that someone FINALLY believed me. And that WILL happen to you too! I promise. Please give it some more time and you are SO NOT A FREAK! But I understand so well how you can begin to believe that about yourself, because that is exactly what I thought about MYSELF all those years ago.
You have been posting here for months which proves to me just how badly you want help, so please don't toss in the towel yet. There are things we haven't tried yet to get you the help you need/want. Stay. Keep posting and we'll all work on finding you the help you're seeking.
Don't leave us nozzie!
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I'm so sorry that you're feeling so alone.  I've been out of town so haven't been checking in here but it seems to me that this is a good place to at least vent your frustrations even if the people here can't come up with an answer for you.  I know what it's like to be frustrated with doctors, many, even if they seem compassionate aren't that good at diagnosising.  Please consider staying around if for no other reason than to vent.
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come on, you have to be stronger than that , thats how anixety an panic attacks win, and i know you dont want that to happen. we all here have the same problems an we all fight the same fight, and together we will get through all the horrors and torment, ive only been having these feelings for 2 1/2 months now, but i already have been feeling much better because of this forum, trust me hang in there, there is people out there in worst conditions and have been fighting this for more years then i can even imaging, an with the right treatment an joining this forum they are better, so you can do it to, so please dont leave, wee all care
i know you will do the right thing
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cheers nice to have freinds u can tlk 2 im fine helping and listening to otrhers but tryi ng to sort self out is a different kettle of fish wked yrs as auxillary nurse listen to many a worry lifes a strange thing but we all want to keep it for as long as we can  but the mind just drifts now and again and i guess its out off our control ill get there adventually hows you are u well thanx jane
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cheers daffy yea its just so irritating i dont truley accept that this is anxiety but t6hats part off the disorder ,gets so annoying when the docs dont check u over  they blame every thing on to anxiety were labelled its unfair and could lead to misdiagnosis that scares me  thanx mate jane
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Hi there you just hang in there I would like to know more about your headaches as that is what I suffer from and had the same reponce as you from the doctors, but no more we have a voice and you have to let it be heard, I suffer terrible from what I call my funny head, no pain just wierd, so dont you give up theres great support for us all in this forum has we all suffer in diffrent ways. I know but we all understand anxiety and its symptoms.
take care and keep in touch,
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