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had a panic attack today

I hate it! just when i think im doing better and i get some confidence back, i have one.
and it was a stupid one!!
i was in the car with my mom!! ugh
i just hate it, it feels like such a setback.

sorry for venting to you all!
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WOW amanda, I just had one to this evening and like you it was in a place I have not had b4, at a movie, funny thing is we are both from Southern California, my partner would say... see what the full moon does! not really, Anyway, just remember as one person told me here, SOMETIMES it's one step forward and one step back. (but this is not the rule). I told myself , ok it happened, let it go and move on, I need to concern myself with, I have not had a PA in awhile and I am totally off my Xanax times 1 mo. now you do the same and look at all the good stuff you have done to help yourself. hang in there!!! Samuel
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aww thank you!!
i did better today! i made it through 3 hours of bingo!
too bad i didn't win, it would have made it better!
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that is sooooo good to hear, in the day, back in Nebraska, I would go with my mom to bingo, and between games I would, walk around the block, which would make her go crazy, she use to be the 5 days a week bingo lady!!
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haha sounds like my grandma! if they played it everyday she'd be there! she loves it! she does it every wednesday and she actually runs it.
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