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headaches, diarrhea, frequent urination

Recently, I've been getting minor headaches everyday along with diarrhea, and I have been urinating frequently.  I also sleep horrible at night.  I also am tired by midday and need a powernap.  I am in school and it causes me to be a more anxious/nervousness  person and i put alot of stress on myself.  I am curious if this is just my nervousness affecting bodily habits or  if it could be something else?  I drink like 5 (16oz) water bottles a day.  
Thanks.   look forward to a response.
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These could be signs of anxiety, but it is always best to inform your doctor what is going on and let them decide. Drinking that much water would make anyone go to the bathroom a lot. I have to drink that much(more) because I have kidney stones, so i know I go to the bathroom a lot.
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You say that you;re not sleeping at night, so ofcourse you are taking naps. dinking that much water ofcourse your going to bathroom alot..and the diarrhea could also be from the water..(ofcourse you should go to a doctor) but rationally all of your symptoms seem to have a reason behind them...you are just scaring yourself...relax..
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