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health anxiety about leukemia

as a part of routine check up doctor advised me to take the complete blood count (CBC) , am suffering from very very health anxiety , all the time am looking my body for lumps or sores , if one doctor says nothing to worry then i switch my doctor , i consulted almost 17 doctors in this month , all said the same ( i have no problem )
after getting the cbc result , my total wbc count is little high 11900 , (11000 is the maximum range )
all other values are in normal
2 docotr said its just beacuse of viral infection and wbc count will be back to normal with in weeks

i know its the begining of leukemia , can any one help me ,
i want to overcome this
please anyone tell me , whats the wbc count for leukemia patients
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Much higher than 11,900.   Last labs I saw from a leukemia patient were double that.
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Nothing to worry about.

It could be just minor infection in a spot for example.

I'm telling you because same happened to me and i freaked out.
After having a real health issue who took lot of time to be diagnosed i've developed health anxiety.


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