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health anxiety back again

I've been doing somewhat ok with my health anxiety. I've slowly been getting my appetite back and feeling hunger pains again. I still don't want to eat even when I am hungry but I understand that to be a symptom of depression which I'm working on  with my therapist.

However I just looked up the symptoms of appendicitis and have convinced myself that I have it because I've been dealing with nausea and loss of appetite. Those are the only symptoms I'm dealing with which are also caused by anxiety. However I'm convincing myself that I have appendicitis. I can't go to the er and my doc can't see me for a couple weeks. What can I do to calm myself down?
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You gotta stop thinking about it. I just got hit with two panic attacks today out of nowhere and my mind craves, is asking for me to worry about health. The only way is to rid your mind of the idea and focus on something else. As soon as the thought comes in release it, tell yourself its destructive, and think of something else.

Destructive thoughts need an outlet, dont give them one. Also avoid going to the other health boards or research google for symptoms, it only strengthens the thought process. Let it go. The only times I have ever got over severe health anxiety is when I decided it was enough and released the thought.

Good Luck Erin.
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Im in your boat to. i suffer terrible health anxiety--- my latest fixation is als and ms. i have twitching all over my body and tingling sensations. it stinks.
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I have horrible health anxiety. I too was terrified at one time about my appendix. However when the time came that mine did cause me a problem there was no mistaking it. The pain is so intense that I couldnt stand straight and it was making me really sick. Dont google!!! Anxiety causes both nausea and appetite loss but if you are still worried in a few weeks then go and share your concerns with your doctor. For now stick with nice easy to digest things until you feel more comfortable. But dont worry its your appendix because from the time mine started hurting till it got severe was about 2 hours.
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Thanks. My bf had his appendix out and told me the same thing...by the time he got to the emergency room he couldn't stand up and they needed to get a wheelchair for him bc he was in so much pain.

I've been trying to let my rational mind take over but my anxiety always creeps in.
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I have awful health anxiety that has pretty much convinced me to believe that I am having a heart attack. I feel the chest pains the left arm pains and the whole deal. I want this to stop so bad!
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I'm the same way with health anxiety.  I have a symptom and immediately go to the worst thing it could be.  Over the last 5 years I've convinced myself I've had ALS, Leukemia, some deadly arrythmia, ovarian cancer, and right now my big fear is a brain aneurysm.   The biggest help for me is to reassure myself that I've been seen recently by a physcian and I'm up to date on all my bloodwork, yearly exams, etc.  
I find mine gets so much worse when i hear of something happening to someone young.  A young woman gets melanoma or has a heart attack.  Now we are hearing about it more b/c of social media sites.  I don't even have to know the person to start wondering if what happened to them can happen to me.
I just started welbutrin today and i'm hoping it helps b/c I feel like the worry is robbing me of enjoying my healthy years.  I just can't convince myself they are my healthy years.  I hope you find some peace soon!
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