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health anxiety/pain

Hello. I've been having serious issues with my hypochondria/health anxiety for the past year after ten years or so of feeling "normal". I am a 25 year old female and my HA was triggered last summer while on vacation... Felt a weird sensation in my abdomen (lower left side) and instead of letting it go, I became focused on that feeling and allowed myself to become obsessed with the idea that something is horribly wrong with me. It didn't even start out as pain, just a random pulling sensation that only happened once or twice in a week and ever since then I can't stop thinking about it. Nine months later and it is now an intermittent dull ache that moves around my lower left abdomen. I don't feel it all the time, and on a scale of one to ten it is about a two. Annoying more than anything, not a sharp stabbing pain. Just something I am now hyper aware of to the point that I can't even function. I think about it all the time. And knowing the way that anxiety works, I wonder if all the stress I am putting on myself is causing it. I suppose I should mention that I recently quit my job (which was also causing me severe stress) and the pain has lessoned in that time. When I'm out doing something or allowing myself to have a good time, I can momentarily forget about it but at night I can't even sleep because I am so worried. Nine months is just such a long time to feel this way and now my fear is that something could really be wrong with me and I've let it go too far... Thinking about death has sent me into panic attacks so often lately... I wish I could just go get checked out but I have no insurance and I can't afford to go into debt over my anxiety... So I guess my question is this: has anyone else ever felt anything like this? Could it just be anxiety and stress creating physical symptoms because I am thinking about it too much? I just keep thinking that if it was something serious, after all this time, I'd have another symptom. But besides the nagging pain that comes and goes there is NOTHING. If anyone out there has experienced anything like this or has any advice, I would be so grateful. Thank you.
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The pain/sensation you're experiencing could simply be some normal body function like your bowels that you happen to be hyperfocusing on. And you're right that if it were an actual problem of some kind, it seems logical that it would be getting worse over time, or you would be developing new symptoms. It's also interesting that it "moves around," which seems like further evidence that it's NOT something serious. It's a shame you can't see a doctor, as a simple ultrasound might be able to settle this issue for you and set your mind at ease. Are you sure Obamacare isn't an option for you? There are also low/no cost clinics in most cities.

Take a few minutes and really let this sink in: worrying is not going to change a thing, but could create problems of its own. And from what you say, the worry is paralyzing your life. My suggestion is to focus your attention and energies OUTWARD onto the people and world around you, not inward on your bodily sensations. Whatever you do, don't lay/sit and ruminate about them. When you catch yourself doing that, get up and DO something -- it could be a fun activity, a project, volunteering, whatever. You just might find that the sensation becomes less of an issue the less you think about it.

I hope that helps. God bless you!
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I also suffer with lots of health anxiety!  It's tough for me to function on some days :(  if I have any type of symptom I automatically think the worse an I always feel like the doctors just can't determine what is wrong.  It is a scary thing to deal with an I'm sorry your having to deal with it as well.  I sure hope things get better for you an I would definitely check in to some type of statr insurance, to my knowledge everyone  is to have insurance regardless of their income.  Good luck and if you ever need to talk feel free to message me :)
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