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hearing voices now

My GF gets anxiety attacks from time to time. The other day she said my 15 yr old son confided in her that he too has attacks. She told him that he can call her whenever he feels it coming on and they can talk about it. He recently told her that he hears voices. I'm concerned because I don't know what to do. I don't know what he hears, I don't want to ask him or tell him that she told me....it might ruin the trust between them. She is not his mother. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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well maybe you should talk to your girlfriend and tell her to tell him that he should talk to you about it or have her suggest to him about going to the doctors. The voices are a big concern.. and can get out of hand. and the panic attacks can be controled too.
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Well what I would do is have her convince him to see a child psychologist about it. She can tell him that she too has seen someone because of her anxiety attacks and its good to speak to someone about it. That is good that he is confiding in her about it. That means he trusts her and he knows that she will understand as she gets them as well. That is something important that you do not want to break up. 15yrs old is an age where it is important when going through something like this that they have someone that understands it makes things a lot easier.
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