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heart attack or not?

im under a lot of stress, falling out with my husband, anxiety etc anyway last night i admittedly had way to much to drink and woke up this morning i swear i had a heart attack, im too scared to go to the doctors. i had chest pain, felt like i couldn get a real breath, left arm pain etc i dont know what to do i feel relatively normal now. but im so scared i dont want to die.
i have been doing my BP all day and its ranged from over 84 to over 94??? im real sad i have spent the day worrying but am scared to go the docs or hospital incase its bad news, im torn please help
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hang in there.  
you're probably fine. . .hangovers coupled with stress can wreck havoc on a body.
you may be dehydrated from the alcohol. . .try some juice.  something with sugar and potassium.
if you really feel bad, go to the hospital. . .it's better to go and have nothing wrong.
get yourself checked out. . .you'll feel better.
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Hi Toots,
What lily said is the absolute truth and I know you know that, since you and I have talked about this quite a few times! Anxiety mixed with an excess of alcohol is THE worst cocktail around!
Have you gotten into some therapy yet? Once again I will urge you very strongly to do that! You cannot handle your problems by hanging out at the pub, even if it does offer you a very temporary respite from the anxiety in your life. You know in the long run, it's only making it worse.
I'm about 99.9% sure you did NOT have a heart attack, but since you are hanging about today taking your BP every 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure you may give yourself a doozy of a panic attack!
Go to the ER and have them run a few simple tests which will tell them immediately if you had an MI or not. When they tell you that you didn't, please go home, make a hot cup of tea and begin the search for a good therapist! Jo, you REALLY need to get yourself some help Sweetie. This has been going on way too long now and you're wasting your life. You keep reaching out to us and I'm so glad you are, and you know we'll always be here for you, but by reaching out, you're telling me you WANT to get better. Trust me, I know it's hard, and it's scary, but the alternative is to keep living the way you are and that's no way at all. What I'm about to write is so corny, but it's so true and that is that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...........take it jo!
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Relax dear.
you are not alone , this is what i m feeling right now.i m having chest pains since morning with shortness of breath , m still trying to control it.
Dunt worry , u are not going to have a Heart Attack.
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lydia so are so right i am turning to alcohol cause after a few i feel normal again, my worries fade away, i dont think of my heart. i know i need to leave off it but its hard. i get my confidence back and my life. this has been going on way to long been 2 yrs of permenant worry, i been in therapy since feb and it helps for a few days then im back to the worrying. my husband and myself have decided to split and its so hard i was ace last week before all this happened i had a few proper good days but today has been a nightmare, im my own worst enemy cause i fuel myself i would do anything and i mean anything to be happy and symptom free.

lilypad thanx even my mum commented on me actually  lookin worn out and dehydrated today she made me drink a pint of water and watched me do it lol - i rang her cause i was even to scared to drive to her house 2 mins away so she picked me up so i know you are right too

sonia thanx hun your always here for me i hope you feel better soon i hate feeling poo

thanx guys you never fail to help me p.s i didnt go to hospital and obviously didny need too i guess i just throw everything out of proportion i cant help it xx
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Hi there! I read your post adn OH so thought of myself!! I have been going through this **** for about 17 yrs or so i guess. I am an alcoholic and I used to drink more to try to forget the anxiety, my "heart" problems, etc...   It got to the point where whenever Id drink alot, the next morning my heart was racing SOO fast, it petrified me! After one good time, I quit drinking for a long time. Then when my b/f and I split up, I gradually started again, and it got to where my heart would race, and I would get tingling in different areas of my body!  Alcohol does not help anxiety. Ultimately, it makes it worse. I wanted to tell you that I can relate, and for a while, it tempoaraily helped, but gradually, it scatred me enough to the point I dont drink anymore. Take good care!!
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i know the feeling i drink to wipe out my worries but i do have drink free days. im worse if i have alcopops i think cause of the caffine i hate this torn feeling
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Yea i did that too :(  I remember one time a cpl yrs ago, i went to the ER cuz i was having papls. I had been having them for like 1-2 weeks,a nd i just knew i was dying. so i gave in and went. they said to cut out (or back) caffeine, smoking, stress. I did cut back on the caffeine and smoking (the stress at that time was everyday) and i DEF. noticed a difference. I think it helped too knowing i wasnt dying and it wasnt my heart. well they did say i had sinus tachy, but it was the "appropriate" kind adn wouldnt hurt or kill me. Sooo.. butmaybe try cutting back on the caffeine too. Hope it helps. Ive been there done that !
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lets just say it was a heart attack, how would i be now? would i be really ill? i cant get it out of my head
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I promise you that you have not had a heart attack. You had your heart checked out a little while ago and they said that your heart was fine and the chances of your heart packing in so soon after the best heart test in the world are too remote to even mention.

You are young and you are healthy (despite your fears). It is easier said than done but you need to try and accept this sweetie. If you cannot get yesterdays 'heart attack' (AKA panic attack' out of your mind then i think that you should go and see your GP and ask him to give you an ECG (If he says no, then ask him to humour you). If you don't get reassurance then you are going to get yourself into a right old state and you know that is BAD news.

It's so hard to see it yourself when you are going through it and it is so easy for everyone else to tell you what to do, it feels like no one really gets it because YOU are the one going through it. You know that in a few days time you'll look back and say 'I can't believe I thought I had a heart attack the other day'.

You suffer from anxiety and you are going through one of the hardest things at the moment and it is so natural for you to get even more 'heart attacks' (panic attacks!) around this time as you are worrying about so much. It is always so hard to leave a relationship even if it is the right thing to do it is always so hard and there are no easy ways around it, time is a great healer and you just have to ride it out.

Not going to mention the alcohol you know already what it does for anxiety.

Go and see your doc and listen to what he says. I don;t think that you need to go to the hospital, if you are in need to the hospital then your GP will send you there straight away. And when you find out that everything is alright from your GP perhaps discuss some drugs and give them a go. Ask about the possibility of getting some lorazapam for the short term while you are going through all of this ****, it's like valium but lasts longer.

If you are getting into a state then seek reassurance, it is so much better than working yourself into a frenzy and you know you can always give me a call if you just want someone to talk to hunny.

Sam xxx
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P.S And stop doing your BP. Of course it's going to be high you have convinced yourself that you have had a heart attack. Its so high not because you have had a heart attack but because you think you have. Our BP goes up and down all of the time so stop taking it as everything effects it, leave it to the GPs office they'll tell you if its something  to be concerned about.
Think that you should put your BP machine on Ebay today and go and buy yourself a treat with the revenue generated from the sale!
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