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hello everyone

just looking for some answers. Ive had anxiety/panic disorder now for years and years. have any of you ever experienced symptoms of anxiety lasting days or weeks??? like i have been experiencing tingling all over my body, racing thoughts spells of crying ...random. im also 29 weeks pregnant so im sure that the hormones arent' helping anything. plus im a hyperchondriac so symptoms of anxiety will mimic other disorders and diseases so then naturally i start to panic about that to lol. anyone?
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thanks alot. Anxiety is overwhelming, and you would think that after having it and dealing with it for so long we would be used of it. And it's horrible how anxiety can mimic other diseases/conditions. Ive been down the journal and therapy roads, now i just take my meds and get thru it without any of that, mainly because i don't find time to squeeze in the therapy anymore.
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Yes.  I have experienced symptoms of anxiety for weeks at a time before.  You get yourself stuck in a vicious cycle with the thoughts, symptoms and worries.  You have a "symptom" then you obsess over it and it escalates from there and it is extremely hard to break that cycle.

Try keeping  a journal that really might help you.  Sometimes when you write down how you are feeling it gets some of the things out and you begin to feel better.  

Being pregnant your hormones are all over the place so you are right that is probably adding to the situation.  

Are you currently seeing a therapist to help you deal with your anxiety?  If not I would suggest that you consider seeing someone.  Honestly it is nice to have someone to talk too.  

Good luck I hope you feel better soon.  Lots of luck with the new baby!!!
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