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help - health/aging anxiety

hello i am a 19 year old gay college student.. i have been suffering from axiety for a little over a year. it started when i lost my virginity and i had a complete break down. At this point i was in the closet and had no one to talk to. I thought i was gonna die of HIV or some STD and got tested multiple times. I still have horrible health anxiety which ironically makes me constantly sick. I have gotten therapy and am taking Zoloft but i dont know to what extent it is helping. I have been doing better with my health anxiety (still constantly obsess and worry about STDs). Now i worry what my anxiety has done to my life, health, and esp looks... Im only 19 and already looking for eye cream for my saggy purple eyes and wrinkles and worry i look way too old for my age (any suggestions lol??) so now im obsessed with the aging damage i've done and my health and its a vicious cycle... Im thinking maybe i should try another medication.. or something. im doing a better just not completely.
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As mammo said! But i would also like to add, try oil of olay (if you can get that over there) With spf, its amazing!! Its voted top cream in the uk in witch magazine! lol...

And you will only get an std if you sleep with someone unprotected!! Use condoms, dont feel you cant sleep with anyone because of it, a condom will protect you more than the pill.. Put 2 condoms on if you have too.. They do flavoured ones now a days too... lol..

Hope i made u giggle..
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You definitely need to go back to your doctor, your medication isn't doing the job for you.
But you also need to get into counseling to learn how not, to obcess over your health.  If it's one thing I've learned in all my years, worry helps nothing, nor does it change anything, what will be, will be.  You need to enjoy each day, none of us know  what our futures hold.  So instead of spending your life worrying about what "might" happen, spend it enjoying all that is.  You're so young that you can turn your life completely around, rid yourself of this excessive worrying and have a happy life.  You sound very bright, and it's wonderful that you are aware of STD's but don't allow "thoughts" of it, ruin your life.  At this point you have youth on your side, so your body is healthy.  But long term anxiety is very damaging.  Anxiety/stress floods our bodies with cortisol, which can cause serious health issues over time.  I hope you are seeing a psychiatrist for your medication, if not, please do so.  You need to be in therapy with one to help with all this.  Decide today, that you are going to take your life back and start working towards doing just that.  Take care....
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