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I have a very sore throat on the left side of my throat only and a earache in the left ear so I went to the doctors and he said it was a inner ear infection that was causing my throat to hurt so he percribed me ear drops and medication for my throat but I refuse to take the medication because i've never been on it and i have high anxiety when it comes to taking newmeds.
I went to a clinic, not my doctor.
If I don't take the medication what will happen to me?
Will I die or go into a coma or something.
Im only using the ear drops.
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its antibiotics only and if u don't take them it might get a bit more painful , but you wont die if you wont take them,and you wont go in to a coma either. The medication is there to stop the severity of the pain and to get read of the bacteria that causing it to hurt.So try to take it if you can , its like taking panadoll ,u have no side anxiety with that.it helps you so dose the antibiotics :)
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I am the same way about taking new meds.  I always freak out about it but if it is an antibiotic you should be fine.  The antibiotic will kill the bacteria and keep it from spreading.  If you dont' want to take the meds there are some old home remedies you can try...I have heard that garlic is really good for ear infections.  You could probably look them up on the net.

Good luck I hope you feel better (whatever you decide).
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If you don't want to take western medicine, I don't blame you, I am very apprehensive to western meds. But you definately should seek alternative medicines. I really recommend you see a naturopathic physician, and also let your doctor know that you refuse the treatment!


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