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i have pressure in the top of my head and i am really really angry all the time....these symptoms have come up very suddenly and im a bit worried....several weeks ago i noticed that i was agitated easily and now its turned to pure hate and anger and the head pressure started about a week ago intermttantly and now is constant....again im worried about losing control when i was young i had anger issues but haVE LONG AGO OUTGROWN THAT...I DONT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME I DONT WANT TO HURT MY SELF OR ANYONE ELSE AND AM BEGINING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT CONTROLLING MYSELF...THERE SEEMS TO BE NO EXTERNAL REASOM FOR THESE SYMPTOMS......HELP PLEASE!!!!
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As a layman i can only say to see you doctor, you could have high blood pressure. how old are you and is your weight ok?
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I agree about going to the doctor for an evaluation. Perhaps the doc can order an MRI of the head to make sure nothing bad is going on in there. I'd also ask for a xanax prescription or something to calm you down in the meantime. Good luck.
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Just try to find your religion
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