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i have a elevated heart rate always well seems like my heart is always beating fast, i have been checking the pulse and blood pressure. I dont drink soda i drink plenty of water and i workout recently last two weeks i started upping my cardio but still have high blood pressure and heart pulse. My pulse is suaully at 80-90, anytime i check u can see my heart beating fast even when not working out, anyways im a 27 year old in pretty good dhape. I also siffer from alot of anxiety and socially its hard to go out. Anyways i have a rash on my tip of foreskin and also my testciales i have been given a cream but it doesnt work, well today i notice i also have lwaht looks like oral thrush in my mouth after having sex with my gf i notice red bumps all over my penis head but it went away, that wass a couple of months my dcotor gave me a cream twice and neither worked he also tested me for stds and clean. I also suffer from rrwally bad sotmach aches at times not always. its been months now with the rashes maybe longer anyways does fluzacole or wahtever its called the oral medication for yeast infection work for both causes. I haad a fungus infected nail and it went away with medication bnut now it seems like im getting one again also. Is it possible that this has reached my blood or my stomach ? because i recently read that 90% of serotinn is made in the stomach and that it acts like a second brain, Is it possible that the teast infection is causing my chemical imbalance and making me super anxios and panic attacks ?
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What is your present height and weight?

You workout on occasion but, are you active?  Or sedentary?   That is, does your life consist of mostly sitting down (aside from overnight sleeping)?

I do not think your anxiety/panic attacks are at all related to spreading of infections or infection treatments.

What have you been doing to reduce your nervous tension leading to anxiety and panic attacks?
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i am 5'7 or 5'6 about 140-150, i try to do deep breathing exercises, I have read that a chemical imbalance can come from ur gut and i think i have canadidis, i was on ativan or whatever ots called the benzo and i stop taking it cuz it started to not work and i started getting sever headaches and it was .5 mg andf one pill wasnt getting the job done, I really dont want to take those damn benzos, im now taking B vitmain complex, l theanine twice a day 100 mg each pill and trying teas but it doesnt seem to really stop my socail anxiety, I mean alcohol helkps but i cant drink everywhere. Also thinking about buying something like tranquine i beleuev thats what its called or anxiclear or any of those natural anxiety pills.
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and yes i lift weights about 4-5 times a week and now try and walk or run everyday. I use to not sleeo at all now im sleeping from like 2 am to about 9 or ten but just wake up once a night, which is fine my sleeping was alot worse and i sue to always wake up and be super tired during the day doesnt seem that way anymore either but when i leave my house it gets bad and even now at my house i feel bad that didnt happen before i started using lorezepam or whatever, but i stopped cuz didnt want to keeo goiung down that hole. I was on zoloft but had bad reaction doc told me to stop and he did nothing to replace it like hey dont worry these benzo that ur not suppoer to take long term and wont fix the chemcial imbalnce.
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May I send you an assortment of links to my earlier posts with anxiety coping tips?
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yes that would be great
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thanks a million
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