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helpless and hopeless

I have been struggling with anxiety for soooo long now i truely believe it has completely taken over not only my mind but my whole body. I am taking lexapro. I am talking to a therapist. but nothing really helps. the lexapro makes my anxiety attacks shorter but they still occur very often and are really really severe. My body goes through an incredible amount of stress during my anxiety attacks.  My body randomly goes numb, my heart races so hard it hurts my chest, and i shake uncontrolably and have trouble breathing.  I am so down about absolutly everything. Why does this happen to me?? i didnt do anything wrong in my life and its not like i have a bad life or anything, so why do i suffer from horrible anxiety and depression?? nothing seems to work for me. Suicide is something that i can rarely get off my mind.  I seriously would do anything to get rid of this anxiety...even if it means taking myself out of this horrible world that seems to be so against me. I hear about people overcoming this stuff but i really cant imagine it happening with me at all.  What is left to do? I cut myself becuase the physical pain is soooo much better than all the mental stuff i go through.  My boyfirend tells me theres hope. but he doesnt understand anxiety. I really feel like there isnt any hope in the world.
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hi im sorry to hear about your constant mental struggle it sounds pretty intense.around a little over 4 months ago i was diagnosed with anxiety i guess i have had it for a while but i started having alot of physical symptoms and have been on a down hill roller coster since and the crazy things my mind thinks are horrible but i found this site and have talked to a few people who have gave me some good advice on trying to cope and its still been hard i wonder how a thing like anxiety can cause so many problems and i still wonder if it is anxiety,i wonder why it happens to so many good people.alot of people dont relize how hard anxiety and deppresson can be most people i talk to about it look at me like im crazy,but we just have to take it day by day and pray for the best,and belive that one day something good will happen and we want have to worry anymore,please keep your head up..... look people up on this site and talk to them about your problems it helps trust me,and just try to stay focused on the positive that god still blesses us with the gift of life everyday and there is a reason for that.....i wish you the best in your struggle and always remember if you need someone to talk to were always here
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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through.  I know it's hard because I am going through the exact same thing right now!  I have panic attacks & have the exact same symptoms you are describing.  I am also taking Lexapro & just started seeing a therapist again Friday.  It sounds like you def need something to 'take the edge off'.  I am a huge advocate of Xanax during times like these.  If it wasn't for an ER nurse calling my doc to call in a prescription for Xanax right away I don't think I could've gotten through these horrible panic attacks.  Once you take one it works within 20 minutes to stop the mental & physical symptoms.  It is a struggle but please know that you are not alone, I am right here with you & we WILL get through this :).
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bubba007- Thank you and i have found this site to be pretty helpful too. I hope you find a way to sucessfully cope with your anxiety

blynns- I hope the lexapro is working for you. This week i have an appointment with my doctor and were going to talk about other possible medications. thanks for the support
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