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hiv anxiety

hi, is this the correct place to post ? Ive beem assesed as having no risk but im seriously freaked out
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Before I comment, I ask you to read Greenlydia's post re ALL NEW POSTERS....It gives you basic protocol for getting the best help from us.  You might read Nursegirl's as well.

Then reform your question and post again.  Calm youself until then.
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I will repost your original post from the HIV Prevention Community for the benefit of other members, then I will comment.

am i ok?
by feelsick23, 7 hours ago
hi there, im male from ireland. About 13 weeks ago i had protectd sex with csw . Although i was drunk , i dont think the condom broke. I did receive and preform oral on her . Since then i have got every symtom online, sore throat, swollen glands, fatique , muscle ache and now tongue has turned white. Ive had a full std screening done at 8 weeks, all neg. Id be delighted to here anyones thoughts. Thanks in advance
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Health anxiety is quite common in this community. when you posted on the HIV forum, I assume they told you there was nos risk since you had protected sex. In my experience with health anxiety, if I search for a symptom online to try to link it back to something I believe I have, then I will always find it. When you got tested how long did they say you had to wait to get the test?  
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HIV Anxiety is very common in situations such as yours. Due to many popular misconceptions, many people believe that having had certain sex partners in itself puts one at risk for HIV. However, as I will explain below it is what you DO that is most important in whether you are at risk for HIV. Another source of anxiety is simply guilt or regret over the choice of a CSW as a partner, due to society's views of commercial sex. It is important not to confuse how you 'feel' about the situation with your risk for HIV and STDs.

To catch HIV sexually, you have to have an exposure (ie. unprotected vaginal or anal sex). You did not have an exposure: protected sex is just that- protected, and saliva is not infectious as far as HIV is concerned. And despite what you may have heard, only a small minority of CSWs have HIV. Your encounter was completely safe: the fact that your partner was a CSW and not a 'civilian' does not change that in the slightest.

It is a common delusion for people to think they are experiencing HIV symptoms after an encounter they regret in retrospect. Anxiety and other emotional disorders can produce symptoms that are similar to HIV symptoms. I can't tell you whether that applies to your situation, or whether you have a common viral infection, or there is some other cause to your symptoms, but I can tell you without equivocation that your symptoms are not due to HIV. If your symptoms were 'somehow' due to acute HIV infection, your 8 week test would have been positive.

Nobody has ever been infected from situations such as yours. Please accept this reassurance that you do not have HIV.

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thanks guys for your posts. I went to doc about 10 weeks after exposure and he said my throat looked like it had a viral infection and he said all i could do was wait till it worked its way out of my body. Its finaly gettin better which is now 13 weeks after exposure. My neck was really swollen including my thyroid ,which could explain my fatigue and body ache. I aggree totally that the mind can play tricks cos i ve had every symtom there is ,but like you said they appear after ive googled them. My mind is 24,7 on my episode with my main problem now being that ive infected my wife. After my 8 week result i relaxed and we had sex so now that has added another heap of anxiety
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i was tested at 8.5 weeks after exposure, been told by everyone in here i dont need to re test and even the doc in std clinic told me the same. Some days im so freaked out i want to stay in bed. I ve also had lots of anxiety systoms over it, but currently i have headache and twitchin leg muscles
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hi guys, im from ireland. Just curious if any of ye know any natural or non perscrition drug i can use to help with stress?im suffering from hiv anxiety thats got so bad i cant even look at my kids photos anymore i m so ashamed at sleepin with a csw and putting myself at risk. I cant go on drugs because id have to inform my work which i cant do
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You have been told, numerous times, by numerous experts, that you were NEVER at risk which is the truth.

Since you apparently cannot accept that and move on, I suggest you get into therapy to help you accomplish that.

Continuing to seek reassurance here will be fruitless, as the answers will be the same.
It's time to take on the responsibility of your actions by seeking professional help.

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thks greenlydia, im sure u are correct, i need a kick in the *** and be told to get over it
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My ego is huge enough to say "damn straight I'm correct!" and you should consider yourself KICKED IN THE ***! And I HAVE told you to MOVE ON and exactly HOW to do that.

The rest, as they say, is now up to you.
Do. Or not do. There is no try.

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