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hiv symptoms

anyone know what parcentage of hiv infected people shows symptoms within 4 weeks after exposure? its completion of 4th week for my assumed needle stick incident and 6th week for my assumed needle stick incidents. I am still scared. i dint felt any visible wired symptoms on my body skin till now

please help me with my question..... thanks to everyone
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Get tested. Symptoms may not occur. 6 - 12 week conclusive!
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"Assumed" needle stick?  Most people know if they've been jabbed with something.  Superficial needlestick injuries do not pose a risk.  No one has been infected this way outside of the healthcare environment, and even in that case, transmission is RARE.  Get tested at the 6 week mark, which will pretty much rule out infection, and again at 3 months for a conclusive.

One can NEVER guage HIV risk/infection by presence of "symptoms".  They are irrelevant.
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I agree with you that one never gauge hiv risk/infection by presence of symptoms. But i am asking about the hiv risk/infection probability in ABSENCE of symptoms within 4 weeks of suspected exposure

please answer this
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It doesn't matter whether you're talking about presence or absence of "symptoms", it simply does not matter either way.  The lack of symptoms, or presence of them cannot be figured into the equation when guaging risk factors/possibility of infection.

Again, from what you've described, you didn't have a risk to begin with.  If having a test will put your mind at ease, then by all means do so, just trust in the results so you don't get stuck in a rut like so many others do, worrying about infection despite conclusive proof that they're in the clear!
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