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homeopathy and anxiety

I would like to know if somebody tried homeopathy drugs due to anxiety.
What is your experience? Is it waist of money and time or it may help?
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hi, i tried homeopathy for a while for my anxiety, and in my opinon it did make a difference...it is a lot safer and works well. the only reason i didnt go with it for long ws because i was already on lexapro for a long time. but once i taper and completely stop lexapro, i am planning on switching to homepathy. i defineltly feel it is a lot safer, fewer side effects, and just uncomplicated and goes down well.  might be worth giving it a shot. good luck
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Hi, I have tried it in the past and felt it was a waste of money as it did nothing for me.
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I 'll try to make some app on Mon with a homeopath...want to try it....
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sorry to hear that...so how do you relieve your anxiety?
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I take a huge scoop of Lewis Labs Brewer's yeast plus a sublingual B-12 every morning. B.yeast has all of the natural B vit.except B12 plus the amino acids that our brains need.  Billy Sahley from the Pain and Stress Center says our brain is made up of amino acids and we must replenish them to get over stress. Also I take a 500mg. Taurine, the calming amino acid, which is not in the yeast either.  In the evening I drink Natural Vitality brand Natural Calm plus magnesium which helps me sleep a lot better. I use a large heap one or 2 tsp. Then for the palps I take Olive Leaf Exract (really helped that) . Now I feel so much better. It will take a month or two as they aren't drugs.
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Thank you for advice.
I was taking B-complex vitamines for a month and put on weight significally...couldn't stand that, so I quitted....On the other hand, I felt improvment, especially it was good for my low back problems...
Magnesium is great, I am taking it with calcium every evening. No more bad heart palpitations and I sleep better,too.
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