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how long does Buspar stay in body?

I went off Buspar on Sunday.  So, it's been 3 days.  How long before Buspar is totally out of my system?  I was only on it for 4 1/2 days.
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GREAT!!!  Why would I still have some of the side effects?  Like the bad taste and smell??
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LOL!  Buspar has a half life of 3 hours?  Looks like the only real use this drug has is to make it's manufacturer lots of money.  
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Yah Buspar is a JOOOOOKKEEEE!!!

I mean, sure it might work for some, but for those with severe anxiety/panic attacks, Buspar is not the answer.

I'm glad you posted this question!!  My last Buspar was this past Saturday.  I was on it for a month, and it did nothing for me.
I have a question. I have been on klonipin for well over a year and I moved to a different state and found a new Dr. He told me that he would not fill my klonipin but switched to buspar.experienceing 90% of the listed side effects. Not doing well at all. Any suggestions.
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So what I have read buspar only stays in the system for 3 days? Is it a diasapan?
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I was on it for only 5 day's=& maybe it was just me,but I want to warn people-it made me VERY suicidal! seriously! day 2 of not being on it & am not feeling that way anymore,so,I DO!! blame the drug.Try not to become a "Gennie Pig" as I have been through so many yrs!!say NO!! if you don't want to try something,that IS!! your right.hope I helped at least 1 person here,know it's not you,it's the D***!! drug!,Lori~(panic disorder & depression)
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Buspar as well as any medication has an effect on a persons chemical makeup. Each person is different with their chemical build and thus medications act according to this. I have been on Buspar for some time and must say that it has helped a tremendous amount. I hope that you find something that works for you. Good luck all
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Just FYI, this thread is old and hasn't been posted to since 2011.
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It ***** an it will give u the worst headache ever...well it did to me I only took it for two days not even the full dosage it was supposed to be a half of a 15mg but I took only a corner piece an it gave me horrible headaches an my anxiety was still there.....did anyone have the same side affects as me
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This is a very old thread.  Please start a new thread:


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