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how long with no appetite?

How long have you gone without appetite while having anxiety?

I havnt had an appetite for 2 weeks or more... but am making myself eat throughout the day when my stomach growls.

I know when my body is hungry... but nothing sounds good or smells good. But like I said, I'm making myself eat, but it's not enjoyable.

I havnt lost any weight either.

Will my appetite come back you think?

I'm worried I'll develop some type of anorexia or something crazy like that.

But I think there is a difference between not having an appetite versus being worried about your looks and your body and becoming anorexic. Right?

ps: i've been on 5mg lexapro for about 4 days now. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be feeling back to my old self again.
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I went pretty much 4 weeks straight with either no appetite, little appetite, or just plan nausea.
I am now sleeping more and have an almost regular appetite.
I have been taking Celexa for over 2 weeks now, and I am not sure how much that has to do with anything, but the less anxious I am, the more normal my appetite.
You will NOT develop anorexia...it just your anxiety. You're fine, in that regard.
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thanks tigereyedjames! =)
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