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how to reduce my Hiv hypochondria

i tested negative for hiv ag/ab at 21,67 and 98 days .My doc is saying i need to get retested at months am worried and spending lot of time googling about it .I am searching for symptoms and wasting lot of my valuable time please somebody help me.
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Stop Googling.  Never ever Google symptoms, they drive everyone nuts.  Googling is only helpful when you have a diagnosis, and your diagnosis right now is you don't have it.  As for the rest, the fact you're fixated on this suggests a budding anxiety problem that therapy can help.
Thank you @Paxiled
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So, maybe it is time to consider that the problem is not hiv that you need to worry about but your anxiety disorder.  Do you treat this?  Time to consider doing that.  Irrational fear will eat away at you and no amount of reassurance will help if you are suffering an anxiety disorder.  So, view anxiety as big a problem for you like if you had hiv.  good luck
Thank you @specialmom
In the HIV forum you said that you used a condom so consider therapy to deal with your HIV phobia. This is a long time to be suffering because you are fixated on a disease you can't have.
@Anxiousnomore Thank you Sir
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