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hyperchondria, completely feing like im gonna die and constant hospital visits?

I have been worrying about my heart, get heart palpitations and make very frequent trips to the ER, every time I go I get an ekg which shows soeme occasional pvc's  which they say nothing is wrong its normal and I get a feeling like im going to die every day and I go to the hospital several times a week and all labs come back normal and I just cant hel but to be in constant panic mode any one ben through this? I also have gerd can that cause palpitatons?
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I'm so sorry you are going thru this! I don't know if gerd can cause palpitations... But I do know that anxiety does! I, too, went to the ER one too many times... And same as you! All normal tests... Hang in there! Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms and weird things to us!
God bless you!
Keep us posted! It helps to talk about it!
thank you at least now I know someone is going through the same god bless you as well
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I don't know about GERD causing palpitations but anxiety can certainly do that. Anxiety effects us physically in many forms, from nausea to rapid heart beat to soreness in the muscles. It would be a good idea to seek out a therapist to help determine why you have anxiety and how you may combat it.
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If all
Test are coming back normal try your best to. Believe  them and accept them and maybe seek
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