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i dont know what to do, and theres no hope.

i dontk now what t do, i fell like the only way to get rid of this pain is to just end it........ ive trying everything, to meditation, eating healthy and exercising and trying to talk to other, and nother isnt taking away this pain of anxiety. It doesnt just effect my mind but it effects me phisically. i dont know what  to do anymore i thought that i join this websie and try to help other it would help me but it doesnt seem that its working. and people tell me that in time it will get better. well if thats the case then when. i hate myself right now and im tired of fighting, im tired of trying so hard and it feels like there nothing goood coming out of this, i cant talk to people my head is spinning so fast and i cant stop it. and i cant take it no more..........i dont know what to do anymore. im ready to go... it doesnt feel like its going to get bettter for me. im ready to close my eyes and go to sleep forever. i need help but i dont know how to get it.
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Are you in therapy or on meds?  If not, please seek help.  I know it seems bleak but it won't last forever.  Do not give up.  I hope you soon find peace.
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Hey Jah, Hang in there, there are ways to help you deal with anxiety. Are you receiving any kind of treatment right now? Medication? Can you please be more specific on the kind of treatments and others that you've already tried? It's really hard to advise or suggest things as we know so little about you. More information as you're comfortable with would be a big help. Keep posting and I'll try and check in to help all I can. Med-Help can be wonderful if you reach out. Best Wishes Jah.......ike
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