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i forgot to ask my doctor D:

I was just wondering, since I'm on 50mg of zoloft , is it ok to get a piercing and/or a tattoo. I meant to ask my doctor today but I totally forgot and I been really wanting to get pierced. Does anyone know if its ok. Thanks -Lynnsee c:
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Yes, it's fine.
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The stuffi would have to use to clean it like bactine or a&d won't like affect me ?
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I don't see any reason why not.  I am on zoloft as well as several other meds and have gotten tattoos since (didn't even think to ask my doctor).  The tattoos healed normally after applying the unscented lotion to them for about a week.  They look great.  My biggest concern about it was being sure all the tattoo equipment used was STERILE, and my artist was more than happy to show me their autoclave, and the sterile envelopes the equipment was kept in, as well as the sterile gloves used.  All went well. :-) - Blu
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