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i think my anxiety created an eating disorder.

When my anxiety gets really bad it all ends up causing me stomach and bowel problems. I'll be nauseous, feel sick to my stomach, deal with diarrhea and constipation and have no appetite. Last september my anxiety went completely off the charts and I dropped down to 104lbs. I've been trying desperately since then to keep my weight at 110 or above.

I'm now back to having very bad anxiety. And I've just noticed that I've eaten pretty much nothing for the past few days aside from a few bites of food here and there. I'm not intentionally starving myself but I've been feeling very sick from the anxiety. I have all of the above mentioned symptoms and have literally no desire to eat. I had to force feed myself a few bites of macaroni and cheese earlier. And yesterday I had a few bites of brushetta and that's it. My boyfriend keeps telling me that I have an eating disorder. And I argue that I have an anxiety disorder but he's adamant that its an eating disorder. I'm not doing this on purpose!! If I felt better I would love to eat. But I feel so nauseous and sick from the anxiety that after taking a few bites of food I feel so sick I have to just stop.

This has happened before and I eventually get out of the horrible anxiety rut and start eating normally again. Well as normal as possible with my food allergies. But now he has me terrified that I have an eating disorder and that there's something horribly wrong with me. Do I have one??? Will I need to go to counseling for an eating disorder now too? I'm seriously upset over this which is making me feel more sick. I'm at my wits end over all of this.
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An eating disorder (Anorexia) is when you intentionally don't eat because you are not happy with your body image and see yourself as fat no matter how thin you may be.  It's more about control than anything else.  When we feel we have no control over our lives we know this is one area where we can have control and it just escalates from there. People with eating disorders will hoard food but not eat it.  People know when they have an eating disorder, and it doesn't sound to me like this is your problem.  You don't need anything else stressing you out, but you need to try and eat so you can stay healthy.  Anxiety and/or depression can make us nauseous when we try to eat, and I feel that's what the problem is.  Your boyfriend is worried about you and just doesn't understand how all of this can affect us.  You're fine and I wouldn't worry about this, just try to eat.
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Hi Erin...I cannot exactly remember your earlier posts...sorry.  But have you tried medication or is your body too sensitive to take them?  When my anxiety started back up in May I dropped 12 pounds in just a couple of weeks.  I too didn't need to lose that weight.  Even though I feel better because the medication kicked in, I still have not put the weight back on.  Sometimes I think that Wellbutrin is a diet pill as well as an anti-depression, anti-smoking pill!   It is hard for people without anxiety to really understand how it feels and what you can and cannot do when you are in the middle of it.  That is why your boyfriend thinks it is an eating disorder.  He can grasp that but not anxiety it seems.  
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When My anxiety was at it's worst, I was nauseous most of the time.  I lost over twenty pounds in two months.  My doctor gave me a script for anti-nausea meds.  Worked wonders.  The med also had a calming effect.  Ask your doc.
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I'm currently taking xanax .25mg on an as needed basis. They work wonders for me when my anxiety is way out of control. I tried a couple of anti-depressants but could not handle the side effects. They made me sicker than I already feel and a lot more anxious. I know those go away in a couple of weeks but there was no way I could wait those few weeks, I was literally dead on the couch from the side effects. So I've decided to stay away from the ssri's. I've been a bit better today. I had some oatmeal and a piece of cake. I know cake isnt the best for me but I'll eat what I can and worry about what it is later.

I didn't think it was an eating disorder because I'm happy with my body image. I'd be a lot happier if I gained a couple of pounds but I'm not concerned about being overweight or not eating to try and lose weight. I just literally don't feel well enough to eat. I've tried to explain this to him but he really just doesn't understand.

I'm in counseling at the moment and my therapist is not too concerned about the weight loss. She said once we tackle the anxiety the weight will come back with my appetite. So if my therapist isn't concerned I didn't think I should be. She doesn't think I have an eating disorder, she thinks I just need to get the anxiety under control so I can start feeling better. She suggested snacking on small meals throughout the day instead of eating larger meals. And she said if all I can stomach is some saltine crackers and soup then by all means just eat that. She knows its just a matter of time until the anxiety subsides and I can start eating normally again.

I'm trying not to worry but my bf is so adamant that I have an eating disorder that its scared me into thinking that i do have one. I'm trying not to let it but my anxious thoughts have now led me to believe that I have an eating disorder and use my anxiety as an excuse. But when I'm not dealing with severe anxiety I eat a lot. I ate like 4 slices of pizza in one sitting a week and a half ago and had a decent appetite, then my anxiety starting getting out of hand because I'm about to move next week for the second time in a month.

I need to get a grip.
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TRUST me.  You do not have an eating disorder.  When you get the anxiety under control, the appetite will return with it.  I ate applesauce, toast and white rice.  It didn't make me feel as nauseous and it kept me from starving.  Like I said I had the meds.  I keep thinking Compazine.  I took it when I was most nauseous and then I could eat.  Eat anything that appeals to you.  Doesn't matter if it's nutritious.  Also take vitamins and mineral supplements.  It's easy to dehydrate.  The anxiety is the key.  Work on that...the rest will follow.
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