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im 15 and idk if its anxiety or something serious lol i panic alot

so basically, i've been having trouble breathing, chest pains, throat tightness, shoulder and back pain and i'm completely unsure if it's anxiety or not. in january, the only symptom i would have was shortness of breath and chest pains with a little bit of worry and my doctor gave me an asthma pump and it helps sometimes. just recently, my anxiety has been getting worse for some reason and i have nothing to blame but google bc i'm seriously convinced that i'm going to die soon. i've been to the doctor twice and she said everything was fine and my heart rate and everything was ok, but i can't help but to wonder if she didn't check everything. this all started getting rlly bad in the time span of a month. idk if i explains correctly but basically i cant sleep at night sometimes bc im convinced my heart is gonna stop or im having a stroke or theres a blood clot in my lung or something. idk im just tired of feeling like this and i want to know if there's others that felt like this so i won't feel alone. thank you !!
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Did you get a test for covid?  I'm assuming if you saw a doctor you did, but you are describing some pretty classic covid symptoms and it's the main thing going around right now.  As for Google, remember, the only way Google is useful is if you've already seen a doctor or other medical professional and gotten a recommendation for treatment and a diagnosis.  Google can provide a lot of very useful information about that sort of thing.  What you can't do is diagnose yourself on Google as the same symptoms can be part of the symptoms of a hundred different things or nothing at all.  All that can do is drive you nuts.  So unless you're pretty well educated about the thing you think you have, it just isn't going to be helpful.  Nobody can tell you that seeing a doctor and getting a diagnosis is the final word.  Not ever.  Most of us don't have doctors who are all that great at being doctors or have the time to really pay a lot of attention to any one person.  So it's not a bad thing if you genuinely think you have some physiological condition to see a different doctor and see if you get the same results.  Often the best advice for someone who has a problem and isn't getting any help from their doc is to get better docs if you're able to do that -- most people really aren't, as that often requires lots of money and travel to where better docs are.  But you know, sometimes you just have to accept what the doctor says and it might be anxiety, in which case it's time to get a therapist.  But I do wonder why you got an asthma pump.  Were you diagnosed as having asthma?  If the doc said everything is fine, that doesn't sound like you have asthma, because if you do, everything isn't obviously fine if it's bothering you this much.  So I"m guessing you were not diagnosed with asthma.  If this dilemma is causing the anxiety, and you didn't have an anxiety problem until this all started, then you have to look at two possibilities:  first, something happened at that point in time that triggered anxiety and that's when it started.  Or second, you do have something physiological going on and just haven't gotten the correct diagnosis yet.  Which leads us back to, covid is what it sounds like and that's what's everywhere, but if it isn't that, you need to see a different doc, or, it's anxiety and you need a psychologist.  Not much else really you can do about it, but do stay off the Google machine.  Peace.
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