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i'm always thinking the worst.

I feel like I'm constantly concerned for the state of my health. I feel as though it stems from my anxiety, I've been told I'm highly self aware, the troubling part is though. That I can't seem to conquer these feelings and fears and am incessantly on the brink of having a panic attack or freaking out. I need help finding out what to do with these ever imposing thoughts.
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Hi there, well I have to say this takes me way back to the times when I first start having the feelings and emotions/sensations that you are experiencing right now hun! and let me add they are not good and will take over your life if you let them be.. I remember when I was in my early 20's that my Doctor actually told me that I was sensitized to feelings/emotions/sensations etc.. very similar to what you are now experiencing, the bottom line is he also told me that I had clinical anxiety which I hadn't a clue of at the time either, but over 20 years later, Im now in my early 40's I have learned how to control these issues of mine, and a lot of the changes I have made over time were of course lifestyle changes! you will get there too, so do not be worrying!

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Hey there!  I had these things happening to me too, and I have had to go on medication to help me as I was unable to do it myself.  I hate meds, but it might be a way to go.  Hope this helps.
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I was given medication but they just make me tired. Some days I feel like I'm half of the person I use to be
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