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impaired reality

I'll explain this as well as I can,

I notice this more when i'm out of the house, It's like a constant kind of 'far-away' from reality feeling, It's kind of like derealization but not as much. I guess it's kind of spaced out... but it's really strange, and subtle, but i notice it a lot.
It's like my brains not fully aware of whats going on around me. like I said above this is CONSTANT, it doesn't go away. when I think maybe this is just my way of seeing things now it makes my heart sink. i really don't want to be like this forever.

Whats going on?

- I did suffer with severe panic disorder 2 years ago. and I also still have some anxiety issues. but surely this can't of permanently changed my reality?

Any information please, advice, anything. thanks
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Hey guys it's the same with me. It IS a symptom of anxiety. I feel it more when I'm away from home and in particular while driving. Things can be so foreign I'd think I was never there before even though I've been driving that way to and from work for years. It's also worse after a long day. Even now I feel it. The best part is, thanks to this forum I can assure myself it's the anxiety. If not then were all crazy in the exact same way (not likely)!!

Best of luck.
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Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm going through the same thing. It's Derealization and Depersonalization, or at least I hope. For me, my surroundings feel foreign and unreal, I feel very distant with reality, just things don't feel completely right, like something is just off. I too worry that this won't go away, but I've gotten past it before so I'm hopefully to get through it this time aswell.

I suffer from Anxiety and OCD fears such as that I'm schizophrenic or bi polar. Or that I'm going crazy, mainly because the DP/DR feelings. Everyone tells me, including my psychiatrist, it's just symptoms of Anxiety but it's really hard to just accept that with all these crazy, weird feelings. They make me have panic attacks swell and the DP/DR feelings are constant for me also.

Just wanted to let you know I'm going through the same thing, PM me if you'd like to talk more. If not good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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