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important question about blood pressure anxiety and doctors office

Even on BP Meds my Blood Pressure and pulse still goes sky high in ER & docs office why is this and why is my BP always normal when home or elsewhere? at home its always 120 over 80 or 136 over 87 when i go to docs it shoots right up to 190 over 120 or higher BUT once i leave it goes back to normal. i also suffer from extreme anxiety does anxiety raise up blood pressure at all?
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a) anxiety certainly can raise blood pressure, a LOT

b) there's a syndrome called "white coat syndrome", that's where patients have elevated blood pressure in medical settings due to their apprehension on seeing someone in a white coat (or just the general setting);  doctors usually try to overcome this by not taking the blood pressure reading right away but chatting first -- this does not always suffice

I suggest you record your blood pressure readings (along with the time, date) taken away from the anxiety provoking setting (eg. the doctor's office), and provide a copy to your doctor.  Your doctor is usually seeking what you usual (low) blood pressure is, as a general indicator of your heart health and also part of the reasoning for a need for BP meds (especially high BP puts your organs, especially the kidneys, at risk of severe organ damage).

You're on BP meds?  (other than your anxiety in medical offices) Have you a recognized condition that's causing high BP (such as:  obesity, diabetes, genetics, a heart or other medical condition)?
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im 5'9 170  but my blood pressure is always fine at home i do suffer from anxiety but it goes thru the roof when i see a doctor or go to the ER i am 27 years old, i have to see a doc once a week for another condition, but it never fails my pulse and BP rises very high in doctors settings, once i come home both my pulse and pressure is fine again , my worry and problem is how much damage is being done to my heart when my blood pressure spikes like this once a week? i take 5mg norvasc once a day but am starting to lose hair and get very bad dry skin all over my face
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however my dad and brother have HIGH BP but controlled on medication
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Short bouts of high blood pressure (eg. in response to such situations) should be of no concern.  Our bodies have developed genetically to ably tolerate this over millenia, as of course we've always had situations that spike our blood pressure (and only those of us who've survived that, have bred).  

It's the impact of your average blood pressure over 24 hours that counts.  Untreated high blood pressure pretty much all the time, is what causes damage.
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Norvasc has a lot of side effects.  Do you know what your at home BP was usually before you started taking it?
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so even just once a week when my blood pressure shoots sky high in docs office once week....and its at fine at home it should be ok? should i get any tests or heart tets done to make sure my heart is ok ...or blood work or to see if my kidneys are ok, are there other ways of seeing why i have HIGH bp other then it being from my dads side.
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does norvasc cause hair loss cuz i am noticing the entire top of my head is bald but i still have hair in the very front i can spike up and hair on both sides.
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What was your at home BP before you started taking Norvasc?
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once i started taking norvasc its now 135 over 85... . ive been on BP med from 5 mg to 10mg , 5mg  to 10 mg back and forth since 2010., but again my BP is 120 over 85 at home once i go to the docs once a week even on the BO med it rises to 180 over 120 or highter.
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What was your at home BP before 2010 (and norvasc)?
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that i dont no because i never checked it until i started going to the doctors office. i did have a stress test done 2 years ago and they said it looked good but i was wondering if i should have other tests done to see if i REALLY do have high BP . im only 27 i want to live a long time.
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You've notable white coat syndrome rendering your blood pressure reading in the doctor's office misleading.  I assume that's been the case since 2010 and earlier.

I suggest you ask your doctor about discontinuing the norvasc for a short while (a few days? a couple of weeks?  I don't know how long is needed for the med to completely clear out of your system) so you can take your at home blood pressure readings without the influence of that med, at the same varied times on each of the days (& record those for the doctor's office to review), which ought to help determine whether you need to remain on norvasc.

Your reading while off norvasc each day just before getting out of bed is a BP measure that might be especially useful for your doctor to also know.
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