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is clonazepam the same as klonopin

hi i am currently on .5 mg of clonazepam and i see alot about a med on here called klonopin i went online and it seems that clonazepam and klonopin are almost the same is this true? any one have any info or experience taaking these meds let me know.

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I am curious as to why there would be a difference in efficacy and potency between the generic and "label" drug; a 30% difference is highly significant!  If the active compound is the same in each case, and is present in the same quantity, then the effect should be identical.  The only thing I can think of that would have any significant impact on drug effect is its purity.
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I'm taking the generic Clonazepam.  While what RCA says may be true, my med is working for me.

RCA -- When I go to the pharmacist for a refill can I ask for "TEVA"?  Is there any way to tell who manufactured the pills I'm taking now?
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According to an internet search ("273" is imprinted on my pills), mine are manufactured by an outfit called Caraco Pharmaceutical.  

Do you know anything about these?  They seem to be working find as far as I can tell, and the only problem I can see is variances between batches.  Is Caraco a reputable manufacturer?
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This is the 2nd time this year I have gotton a bad batch of generic.I am now in full blown withdrawl and a doctor who dosn't give a damn.RCA you are very right about generic.They had to order Klonapin for me last Friday 24 April 2009 and I still have one day to go.I can't thank you enough for confirming what I have always thought
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The pharmaceutical company by the name of CARACO Pharmaceuticals is the same company as PurePac. They make many generic drugs that work decent depending on the individual. The pill with the imprint (273/.5) is a generic Klonopin (Clonazepam) , round, yellow, and 0.5mg (milligrams). The pill is also scored on the side imprinted .5 - For a photo of this pill please view this link:

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I'm a chemist in the Pharm industry (cannot say which one for fear of reprisal) and the only thing that can vary by 20% are the fillers which have NO affect on the efficacy of the meds with the exception of a very few which CANNOT be prescribed generically.

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I have been on Generic Klonopin (Clonazepam) for over 10 years for the treatment of anxiety. My pharmacy switch from TEVA to MYLAN. The MYLAN does NOT work anywhere near as well for me period!

I do not have experience with the other generic brands.

Hopes this helps some people avoid the same problem I had.
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To Everyone in this Thread,
I post in a couple other communities, but recently have been having WORLDS of problems with a "new" generic clonazepam that Kmart pharmacy said they were switching me to last month when I got my refill.  Well, I start taking the "new" stuff, and all of a sudden I kind of freaked out, and I've been through a couple weeks of misery.  So, I am IMMENSELY reassured by reading what is here in this thread about some generics being diff than others, and that people here are also having problems like me.

But get this, I take four drugs:  I take clonazepam for panic disorder/anxiety, I take Zoloft for depression, I take Tylenol-Codeine#3 (generic kind, tho), and was on Lyrica for a while until it got too expensive and had to switch to Neurontin (big mistake).  ANYway, do you know that when I started taking this new generic clonazepam, ALL the things my other three medicines are supposed to help, they STOPPED helping me!  I am a nervous wreck, I am super depressed, and the Codeine stuff is for my Restless Legs Syndrome and even my legs are driving me nuts.  At least the pain that the Neurontin keeps straight is still working, altho now I am worrying about THAT medicine.

Now, since it could also be the Neurontin is catching up to me, I've decided when I see that doc Monday, I'm going to go back to the Lyrica...the insurance won't pull the plug for six months, so I'll stay on it that long, AND I am going to see my other doc for clonazepam, and I'm going to ask for one month script for pure Klonopin, then followed by clonazepam generic.  In this manner, I'll see how I feel when I refill all this stuff in two weeks (that's my date for ALL my meds).

But ALSO, thanks to this thread, I now know that when I go back to the generic clonazepam, I'll ask for the TEVA.  But could be Kmart won't have that anymore.  And my brain is so mixed up that even if I dragged out a few older bottles of it, I'll get confused as to what worked and what didn't.  I've been on it for ten years, and hey, I don't know.  But if they do not have TEVA, I guess I can at least ask the Kmart NOT to give me whatever they gave me a month ago when I got my refill, since that's when all the trouble started.

I confirmed this whole thing about the tranquilizer by taking an extra half a few days ago when I thought I was going to lose it, and I settled down quickly, altho not exactly where I'm supposed to be.  But I can testify that some generics of clonazepam are indeed NO GOOD, and, gosh, talk about scaring the heck out of me.  I didn't know WHAT was going on.  As everyone here at the Anxiety Forum knows, it don't take much to throw us over the edge, and then we're left wondering what did WE do wrong, what has TAKEN OVER ourselves!  You know!??!  

I could go on and on about my medicines and my busted-up back from a wreck and cause and effect, but GOLLY GEE WHIZ why can't the FDA or whoever is in charge of all our drugs MAKE DANG SURE that all this wildness we get with generics won't bother us poor folks who are sick, in pain, and thus cannot think straight, and imagine the people who cannot lobby for themselves cuz they are shelved in some long-term care facility.  I just thank Heaven that forums like these are available to us, who are willing to figure out WHAT IS GOING ON when we HAVE to take a bunch of medicines just to want to continue living, because I'm telling you, lately I haven't cared one HOOT about my life.  

Thank you everyone here in this thread and in this forum for letting me speak my mind.  And thanks to this thread for explaining so well and speaking up about how their medicines ain't working like they're sposed to.  I'm gonna go take an extra clonazepam pill right now, and try to have a normal day.
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Yes! the Only difference is that each company may be using different fillers that may or may not effect an individual. Generics have these fillers. Original brands (labels) such as Klonopin (K-Pinns) dont use fillers because klonopin is the primary ingredient in Clonazepam.  Klonopin is much more potent compared to a generic such as clonazepam due to its fillers. Generic companies for Klonopin such as Teva or Mylan. produce clonazepam. So Klonopin is much stronger than clonazepam because there is less Klonopin in Clonazepam.
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  I think your post is inaccurate.  Klonopin is a brand name.  Clonazepam is the actual drug it contains.  Regardless of fillers, if a drug contains .5 mg of the active ingredient, that's where the potency lies.  Problem is some generic meds simply don't measure up.
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If the generic is the same as the BRAND NAME, I know the Brand name Klonopin is expensive sooo there is a great difference in the compounding of the drugs. Once a patent is no longer on a name brand drug, it is OPEN to GENERICS..CHEAPER to make soooothey are not exactly the same which can affect a person which is used to NAME BRANDS...
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FDA is not regulated by the government soooo the do what they want regarding the release and no longer manufacturing a drug(name Brand)..They can just STOP making a Name Brand and you are really out of luck if you taking a one. IT IS A GAME THEY PLAY!! It is for their benefit not yours, The more money they can make they don`t care what is in the drug as long as it meets a STANDARD.  I have trouble taking generics, I wonder WHY...THERE is a difference in the compounding....They are holding a release date, if any, on the KLONOPIN NAME BRAND. They may choose not to release it at all. BE AWARE! There is a problem of drugs formulated to look like the same stuff getting into Hospitals and Pharmacies ...they are holding  a lot of drugs to be checked as they have had people die...The drugs look the same and that is the problem...A Dr. would have a hard time telling if it was a fake..One drug was antianxiety drugs...check you stuff, PLEASE...
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