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is there any medicine?

is there any medicine to improve concentration?or is there any medicine which can help us during our bad patchs of live?
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Yog , mditation, visualization, Yog nidra are pemenant ways to increase concentration and equanimity of mind.
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ask your Dr. about Strattera. It is  prescribed for Attention Deficit disorder, but is not a stimulant.  It is non-addictive and not a controlled substance.  It also has some of the same properties as SSNRI's.  Since it affects neurotransmitters it is a very useful drug.
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Nobody is a doctor on here. Your doctor is the only person that should have a say about you take. If you go asking about certain tablets he will know you used the net and he might refuse the request. Just tell him how you are feeling and let him decide on what medication to put you on. People on here try to be helpful. But you could be told to try something that might go against you. Then who do you blame? Hence users should never say get this tablet or get that tablet. As much as they mean well. They are not your doctor.
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That's why most of us say "ask your Dr. about......."  Strattera is a med to help with concentration. I believe that was the question.  [Is there any med to improve concentration?] I did not say buy Strattera on the black market and don't tell your doctor about it. I merely answered the question. lol
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I read lots of good reviews about Provigil. It's a stimulant-like drug but it doesn't have the same withdrawal effects as adderall or ritalin.

I tried straterra once and I had horrible side effects. I'm just mentioned this because you probably also suffer from anxiety.

Try to avoid drugs if you are just going though momentary life problems...
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My son also could not take the Strattera due to side effects,  but the side sffects are in the same category as SSNRI's. A lot of people just can't take them. Some have no problems. I am interested in the Provigil because he does well with stimulants. Hope negive finds this info useful too.  
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