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is this anxiety???

about 3 weeks ago i developed a fever, high temp, felt sick (havent been sick) extremely sore throat, swollen glands, diahorrea, shakey, stomach cramps (mild) all my body is aching, etc etc..

i cant figure out what this is? its not a flu because i have only sneezed a few times, dont have a snotty nose or anything like that, ive been to the doctors, hospital, walk in centres, no one is telling me nothing! i am so scared, i have never been this ill in all of my life..

i have been extremely worried recently but im not sure if this can cause it?

whats going on? :(
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Your profile doesn't indicate where you are from, but if you live in an area where ticks are present, and if you've engaged in any outdoor activities lately, you may want to request a test for Lyme disease.  Lyme is spread (mostly) by ticks, and can cause all of the symptoms you describe.  And lots of people coming down with Lyme describe it as feeling flu-ish.

Why do you suspect anxiety?  Do you have a history of anxiety, or have you been under undue stress lately?

Whatever it is, I hope you find answers and relief...
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thanks for your reply,i dont do outdoor activity, but i have been extremely stressed and worried recently
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