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itchy skin

I have been dealing with itchy skin since I moved in with my fiance. He lives in an old house but has renovated the majority of it and checked for impurities in the air. I try to put lotion on to help with dry skin and we use a water softener. I do not shower in real hot water so that can be ruled out as well. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs that live in the house, but my cats never made me itch in my previous home, and the dogs no longer sleep on the bed.
However, I seem to itch only while I am in bed. We now use a hypo allergic detergent hoping that would help, but I still sometimes itch while trying to sleep. I have no known allergies and never use to have itchy problems. When we sleep elswhere such as a hotel, sometimes i itch and sometimes i sleep peacefully. I wash the sheets regularly in hot water and the matress is only a year old. It seems that when the sheets are washed, I am ok or a few days but then the itching comes back. Sometimes i itch while not in bed, but not as bad. I have no rash but I do get body acne that comes and goes.
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You're doing the right thing to look at various things and either eliminate them or change to see if things improve.  Have you started any new bath soaps?  I had this exact same problem and it all came down to the bathsoap I was using....and make sure you're getting all the soap rinsed off well.  Perfumes, skincare creams, shampoo etc can all cause itching all over the body.  It comes down to the process of elimination.  If it doesn't improve, I would see a Dermatologist and go from there. We can develop allergies at any time throughout our life.  I know it's miserable and hope you find the culprit quickly.
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I wonder if dust mites could do this?  I would try getting a dust mite mattress cover.  Hopefully you don't have bed bugs.
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