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its back

I thought I beat my anxiety years ago. 3 or so years ago I suffered debilitating anxiety for a month. I didnt take meds and instead saw a counselor and told her I had been dealing with dream like head since high school . She said I could work threw it with no meds by finding the antecedent and eliminate them or change them. So I did.
Three years and some months later I am better than ever accomplished goals and one morning BAM. That same morning attacks. A drop in my stomach then feels so excited then I have to run to the bathroom even if nothing will happen. This will last all day (worst days ever) sometimes just the first 6 hours of the day , then I'm ok to drive and do my normal activities.  I don't know what to do. for the past three days all i have been doing is crying feeling flu like symptoms. I can't let this happen again . It needs to stop now. If anyone has experience this please let me know ill try anyone's advice
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