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just asking a lil on social anxiety

ello! Im new here~
My social anxiety is getting progressively worse..
I can't meet people's eyes and I start tearing up and choking up..
its really embarrassing and i think that other people can tell I'm
freaking out...Is there any self help stuffs I can do?
Job interviews, college things and the like are coming up, it's
absolutely terrifying.
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Hi, and welcome to Medhelp. I understand how you feel. What helps me is knowing there are other people out there that are feeling the same way. It could be somebody I'm talking to right at that moment. Have you thought about therapy to help with your social anxiety? It may really help.
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Hey there!! I've suffered from social anxiety my whole life. I was always feeling inadequate, different, or like I was just gonna fall apart and embarrass myself in front of people. I've always tended to be been abrupt /choke up with conversations/nervous/akward. Always worried about what people thought about me. Always trying to fit in only to realize being different is cooler and more fun!  This is funny but I used to love the show "Jackass" and Tom Green when I was a teenager I found emulating them and just doing outrageous and embarrassing things like faking seizures in school or just purposely degrading / embarrassing myself seemed to help break my shyness and mental barriers as well as performing in a talent show in front of a ton of people and just going crazy helped. I'm not saying for you to go out and fake seizures in public or anything but maybe just force yourself to face the fears and break through the mental blocks/barriers? I also agree with remar. I took up group therapy before and just let it all out. Feelings, my past losses,fears, started crying in front of them. It seriously helped! I found also being put on beta blockers helped me out. I must admit I conquered the life time of social anxiety only to find myself turning into a complete mess of a hypochondriac and scared to die but that shouldn't mean you will what so ever :) :) You hang in there. See about beta blockers to loosen you up with your social anxiety and group therapy and easier said then done but try and force yourself to let it all out and break through these blocks/barriers. Force yourself to socialize. Take care!
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P.S. also maybe pick up a form of art? Find something that makes you proud and hopeful, hell even cocky. Take risks and break down the barriers. Don't let them make you someone you don't like or aren't proud of being or it will only continue to be harder. It's easier said then done and I still need to follow my own advice. Hope this sheds some light! Hang in there!
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gah! I'm not alone!:,D
thanks for the answer! I do paint and draw, and helps a little..
I'm very quiet, so much so that people thought I was mute as a
child..Doing jackass stunts sounds like fun though haha
Are beta blockers addictive? Sorry if that sounds stupid but >.<

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Hey ,you're welcome. Yes you are deff. not alone. :) That is awesome that you paint and draw! Yes it was fun. Haha. No beta blockers are not addictive at all. In fact i'm supposed to be on them everyday and break the rules. I only take them when I feel I need them and so far so good. Hang in there!
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Aerobic exercise, deep breathing, yoga and training in mindfulness meditation are all linked to relaxation and reduced anxiety.  Imagine yourself handling a social situation just as a professional athlete might do a mental rehearsal of an upcoming race, try visualizing things going smoothly. Assertiveness training courses can also help you develop certain social skills.


The above positive affirmation user group is found at the bottom of the forums list, under Top 20 Communities, See All, Positive Thoughts. It may help to calm yourself with positive affirmations, before going into a social situation.

There is so much you can learn about social anxiety. that plus a doctor's visit, may help you to handle yourself in social situations.

Your in my thoughts and prayers. Feel better. Liz
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