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just to add to my last post.....

i should add that i am petrified of having cancer or some dibilitating sickness like MS or ALS.  i was experiencing numbness and tingling on the left side of my face and what i thought was neurological symptoms but i was told that i have no upper motor neuron signs.  the chornic SOB and left sided body aching has me convinced i have eitehr cancer somewhere in my body or some kind of neurological thing that has yet to be diagnosed.  i have never taken any anti anxiety medication but have seen a psychologist a few times when this all first stared. the only thing that would make me feel better is when the doctor would tell me that tests came back 'normal'. please help me if anyone out there can relate to this and my previous post......thanks
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Well it sounds like you have a lot of anxiety about health issues.  I myself, am quite the hypochondriac and have been through tons of tests and doctors visits.  a lot of the weird symptpms you are feeling can be attributed to anxiety.  Anxiety can make your body have a "tinging" sensation, have hot flashes, and random aches and pains.  I experience all of this with my anxiety, especially during anxiety attacks.  I read in your previous post that you experience nausia...well that is my #1 symptom of my anxiety. which really ***** becuase i have emetophobia which is fear of throwing up! I think if all those tests are coming back normal, that all of the symptoms you are experiencing can be attributed to anxiety.  Maybe see a phyciatrist and discuss if this indeed really is anxiety and what you can do about it.  I have been on Pristiq for about 3 weeks now and have barely experienced any anxiety over health issues.  great results.
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thank you very much for replying to my post. i was never like this before and am not 100% sure where it all came from but i think that it may stem from all the knowledge i have gained working in the medical field and all the tv shows about health and my mom got tongue and neck cancer 3 years ago and i guess it all became overwhelming for me.  i also hear of people not 'going with their gut feelings' and being misdiagnosed with anxiety/depression and come to find out they had MS or cancer or something big.  i am reading a book called From Panic to Power and it is great. i just keep thinking ' oh this is great but it's not me' even though i am aware that i do have bouts of anxiety. i just can't shake the feeling that there is something terribly wrong....ie. cancer or MS pending or actually in me now.  it's not like i don't have physical symptoms to show for it?!  that again is part of axiety, or so i read.  i want so badly to feel and be 'normal' again and i can't seem to get this overwhelming feeling of 'i'm dying of cancer or i have ALS/MS and no one is finding it!!  it's awful and i would do just about anything to not have the left sided aching or the dizziness and so on.  again, thank you for replying to my post, i really do appreciate it :)
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I understand what your saying because one of my favorite shows on TV is called Mystery Diagnosis and Untold stories of the E.R....although i like them...they totally freak me out! Just remember that out of everyone in the world...it is sooo rare for it to happen to you! Those people on the shows and stuff are just a handful out of soo many.  It makes it seem more common than it actually is.
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i used to watch those shows too and House and other shows like that, even Dr. OZ but i had to stop because i was thinking 'ok, maybe it's that, that i have'  it is just so odd that i am having this aching on the left side of my body. i really hope that it is nothing but i just can't quite convince my mind of that. with my husband being a physiotherapist it helps because he has a lot of medical knowledge and i often ask him to do different tests on me to ensure that i don't have any neurological issues. he keeps saying 'lyns, you don't have MS or ALS' but of course i keep telling myself that he has no idea how my body feels and that it has been ongoing for over a year and a half. not to mention, it is pretty much daily. i thought that anxiety only came and went, wasn't ALL the time. you would think that it may 'flare up' during times of stress but i'm not stressed on a daily basis so why am i aching and having those symptoms on a daily basis!?  argh! so frustrating.
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