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I have been taking sertraline for one month for
acute anxiety and it helped some--but the side
effects are going to the bathroom all the time and
cannot ejaculate no matter how hard I try--is it a
smart move to get off of this drug? and is there
anything else I can do to help me--I also take 4
axnax 0.5 mil a day--what do you suggest?
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I took sertraline for a little over a year. I had to switch to celexa like a week ago cause I figured out that it was the darn sertraline giving me headaches. Anyways, for a loooong time my libido was way way way down. Im only 20 and thats so strange for me lol after about 3 months it got better. Not like before but I could get off again. Also it helped with everything, concentration, anxiety and depression. Coming from someone who had 4 panic attacks a week to having about 4 in that whole year, its worth it if the side effects arent too bad.
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are you having trouble sleeping? I keep asking my doc for help but he gives me stuff that was originally meant to be an antidepressant. Hes tried to give me 4 different kinds now I dont want more lol I just wanna sleep ya know? Something to shut my brain up for a while
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Hi I take sertaline too 50mg daily and I have that same problem I have absolutely no libido whatsoever  I'm 20 too lol do you think it's the sertaline causing that? Because Ive been wondering why I just don't want to and my fiancé  is getting a little upset he thinks I don't love him anymore cause I don't want to be touched kissed etc..... I've been trying to work out the problem for a while and I just don't know.....  So did it help with your anxiety libido etc? What do you take now?
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Oh its def. The sertraline lol now I take celexa and its not really making me feel too different from the sertraline but, im always all over my bf now ahaha and as for the anxiety the sertraline basically killed that monster lol
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