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klonopin, xanex, and anxiety

Hi, I have been experiencing anxiety for about 9 years. I reacted to celexa around December. I was taken off it and put on zoloft which I reacted to as well. I am now on lexepro 5mg (since i react to 10mg). I was taking xanex .5 three times a day but it was pooping out so my psych put me on klonopin last week. Has anyone had problems transfering from xanex to klonopin? How long does the rockyness last. and the side affects?
THANKS kellie
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I had no problem switching from Xanax to Klonopin.  It was years ago, when my insurance company coveraged stopped for my regular psychiatrist.  The new doctor switched me in one day.

I was terrified I'd have problems: but had absolutely no difficulty.  As Klonopin is a long acting anti-anxiety it is generally the medicine of choice for patients with chronic panic disorder.  

I still take it , and although it may not kick in instantly as Xanax will when a panic episode begins, it keeps me calm enough in the long run.  I practice lots of other ways of fighting agoraphobia (my diagnosis).

When you say you reacted to Celexa and Zoloft, do you mean you had unacceptable side effects?  I am guessing you did.  There are many antidepressants that are designed for those of us for whom anxiety/panic is a primary symptom.

Thanks for posting.  Be patient.  We all react in different ways to medication.  Think everyone in this forum has a history of trial and error with meds.  We are here to tell you to keep taking your medicine, letting the doctor know if side effects are keeping you from work or school.  Most take awhile to work: Klonopin should work fairly quickly.

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ive tried both. not much of a problem switching. they both function in similar ways
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