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klonopin vs xanax

Please can someone tell me which is better?
I am on Tareg for blood pressure, from specialist....then my GP put me on Wellbutrin and klonopin .... which my specialist took me off and said take Xanax only with the Tareg.
Any comments much appreciated.
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Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your reply on the Librium. My origainally diagnosis was GAD with occasional high-anxiety panic. I have replaced the night-time dose of 25 mg with ativan, split into .05 evening and .05 at bed. Sleeping better and already feel like I'm more alive. I have a new doctor and she said it was perfectly fine to switch, but recommended I do it in parts and wait to see how I feel. Over the years, my old doctor had me on many combos with AD's to help combat the anxiety, and to make short, the side effects were always not worth it for me and seemed to suck the life out of me. For some, they may be very effective, so I'm not knocking them. I am going to do this in 1 weeks periods, keeping my last 25 librium for the morning. Any suggestions if you care to add would be apreciated. So far, I feel a little rough in the AM and the PM, with 10-5 being the best with the least anxiety. The sedation has already lifted to a degree. So the librium will actually take a while to clear from what I've read hear; it may take a full month to feel fairly normal again. I don't know how common this is, but I never had headaches until taking Librium. Thanks for all you do here-wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
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aka: angelwings1971
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Hi i have been reading these posts and am coming to you as you seem to be the most informed. I was on Xanax 1/2 tab of 0.25mg  3x day for over 20 years....also on lopressor 50mg 2 x daily for beta blocking effects. I have generalized anxiety and panic attacks and at one time agorophobic....this year many stressors ( my 21 yr old son OD twice he lives with his druggie dad who enables him with the drugs....the dad takes 400 oxycontins a month!) sibling rivalry  and our mom with end stage Alzheimers who died Nov 30  and her husband (stepdad) died 28 hours later....all of this stress caused me to go into super panic  and i made 3 trips to ER in 2 weeks one my heart rate was 180 when the paramedics got to me.....finally my doc hospitalized me to rule out cardiac so that was 5 days  and immediately from there I was voluntarily transferred to a mental health unit for 4 days.....psychiatrist saw me......took me off Xanax cold turkey and put me on Klonopin 0.25mg in morning and 0.5mg in eve x 3 days  then upped it to 0.5mg rwice daily. In addition I was started on Lexapro 5mg daily. As of today this is my 9th day on Klonopin and day 7 of Lexapro.......I am in bed 95% of the day too weak to do anything and too scared that I am going to have withdrawal symptoms from going off the Xanax....the psychiatrist told me it was safe to just change them as they are both benzos only one is long acting.....I don't know who to believe and I am very scared.......I am 56 years old weigh only 116 as i lost 11 pounds in last 2 months. I live alone and am frightened and don't know if I should call my doc (right on a sunday no less) go to the hospital or just wait this out.  Can you give me some insight as to whether I am safe from withdrawal at this time?
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I developed panic attacks after a drowning accident when I was 8 yrs old.  I had frequent, random attacks until around the age of 12.  The attacks suddenly stopped, and I was panic free until 18 yrs old.  I joined the military at 23, and at that time only rarely experienced a panic attack.  
One day on a flight from California to Boston, I experienced a panic attack during take off.  I was terrified and almost went to the cockpit to tell the pilot to turn the plane around.  Instead, I headed to the restroom until the terror subsided.  Prior to this panic attack on the airplane, I had flown frequently and was even in the process of obtaining my private pilots license.  I began to self medicate with alcohol prior to each deployment overseas.  I would stay up all night drinking myself in to oblivion.  This method worked fine until one morning as I walked to the plane I went from staggering drunk to stone cold sober.  I was screwed.  I could not make myself get on the airplane.  
As a result of a missed deployment, the Navy required me to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. He listened to my story, and afterwards told me he could "cure" my problem.  He prescribed my 10mg Paxil once a day.  I was so excited to hear there was a "magic pill" that could cure my problem.  I even started working on my private pilot's license again. When I went for my class III physical prior to my solo flight, I found that Paxil automatically disqualified me for me class III physical.  
I was still able to deploy while on Paxil, but the side effects were becoming intolerable.  I had gained 30lbs, and my sex drive was pretty much gone.  I decided to stop the paxil and beat the panic attacks on my own.  One day, while experiencing another panic attack I got this bright idea.  My heart was racing somewhere around 160 bpm.  I decided that if my heart was going to beat that fast that I'd give it a reason.  I went outside and started to jog down the road.  This became my cure.  From that point forward, everytime I would feel those familliar signs of an impending attack, I'd just throw on my shoes and go for a run.  Eventually, I stopped having to actually run because just the thought of going jogging was enough to calm me down.  At this point I am completely panic free with one VERY important exception.  In an airplane.  Its a little difficult to go for a jog when you're trapped in a tube at 30K ft 3hr out over the Atlantic.  
I am back in the military, and will probably be deploying to Afganistan in March.  I went to a doctor I work closely with (I'm also a medical professional), and he prescribed me 0.25mg tabs of Xanax to be taken 1hr before flying.  My family was supposed to fly to Puerto Rico on 12/29.  I took 1 tab of 0.25mg Xanax with no results, then another, then another.  I had finally taken a total of 1mg xanax, and I may have well taken an aspirin.  There was no way I was getting on that airplane.  I drove back home while my family went to PR for 10 days without me.  
My Naval career is on the line here.  I am at a loss.  I have been experimenting with Xanax and Valium for the last few days.  An hour prior to writing this post I took 2mg Xanax and 30mg Valium.  I feel a very slight "buzz" but there is no way I could get on an airplane to fly anywhere, much less Afganistan.  A couple of days ago, I took 3mg Xanax with pretty much the same results.  I have an appt with my psychiatrist friend on the 21st, and after talking to him yesterday, he placed a consult for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  
I am under a lot of pressure right now, as my career is hanging in the balance, which further fuels my anxiety.  I need help before my military career is over.
I know this was a long post, but please someone help me.  The only problem I have is beating this fear of having a panic attack on an airplane.

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I was told that Klonopin is a mix of the two(valium,xanax)
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i was told that klonopin is a mixture of xanax & valium
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Hi Ryan,

This here is a great forum for discussion, advice etc. I have been taking alprazolam for almost 5 years for panic disorder. My episodes of panic were devastating and would occasionally create a pass out effect. I would take xanax as needed but of course now it's dependent.. I had my share of withdraw effects as well bc some/most doctors wouldn't refill my script and pharmacists as well. Obviously they were concerned with the addiction vs. the problem. At any rate, under the current extreme stressful life today, I have very few pills to take until my next refill... Would taking Diazapam hold me over for a month until I can get my rx filled? And would mixing the 2 at low levels of 2mg of xanax & 5 or 10mgs of diazapam daily be okay?

Your input is most appreciated

- Rudy
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Physicians that "yank" people off benzodiazepines should get hit by a BUS!!!

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I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since 1999.  The panic attacks have mostly stopped after therapy.  About once every 3 months something happens and one starts to come on.  But they are never as strong as before.  They do not consume me and I am not as worn out after like I was before.

I think CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helped.  I would like to continue with it again.  Immediately, though, the breathing techniques and the alternating muscle tightening and relaxing exercises have helped the most.  You should learn these in CBT and/or other therapy.  As for drugs, I try to avoid them.  I do not like the "buzz" and highs.  I just lost my sister who died before her time, due to opiate addiction.

Hopefully you get this since your post was Jan. 9, and no one responded to you.  Maybe you can repost and address to "Ryan" since he seems to be the expert here.  I felt bad that you had no response.

Good Luck and know in your heart that these will pass.  Do not beat yourself up either.  Chemical reactions deep inside of us are nothing that we can control.  The Military has dealt with this before.  You are not their first.

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I too sufer with Panic Disorder. I have taken Xanax for close to 19 years. I started off at .25 TID, and within a month I was increased to .5 MG TID. I stayed on that does for a year, and was then increaesd to .5 QID. I stayed at that does for 2 years, and the PSY. I saw after that increased it to 1 MG QID. I stayed at that dose, which worked for me for the next 8 years. I then found myself needing an extra, as they didn't seem to be lasting as long. In 2003, about a year later, I was taking 1 mg qid, and I would break one in half and take them between the times that I felt I needed it, which was daily. I always took a full one first thing in the morning and a full one at night. Also, at that time, I did not have a psychiatrist, but rather just a family dr. Unfortunatley, in the smallish town I live in, the psychiatrists have practices in other places, and most always end up leaving their practice here. In 2003 a psychiatrist opened an office here, but he also had  a practice in the larger city an hour from us. At anyrate, I told him my history, and he upped the Xanax to 6 mg per day. I stayed on that does until 2007. He had moved his practice from here in Sept. 06 . However, he said he would continue to see me via phone conference, which he did. In 2007 , 6 wasn't doing the trick , so he increased it to 8 mg per day. As of last month, he said I would have to come in or he wouldn't be able to see me. Well, I can't make it there due to panic/Agoraphobia. There is a mental health clinic here now. Not the public one. So I will have to try and make it there. However, I don't think they will write me a script for 8 mgs of Xanax, and I am terrified of comming off of them, due to their very short half life. I know from exp. some dr.s in the past wanted me off of them, and wanted to titrate them too aggressively. I didn't mess around with them, needless to say. You are excatly right about the roller coaster ride from the xanax. They act fast, but they reach their peak in a few hours. I had thought about asking the place I will be going about switching over to Klonapin, but there are so many phys. out there that think you can just drop Xanax and switch to another benzo. Any advice on what to tell the new Psch, and suggestions on switching to Klon.? I have tried SSRI's without much luck, and I'm not big on trying new meds, as it scares me wondering if I will have a bad side effect, that I work myself into almost a panic attack, or the anticipatory anxiety is so strong, that I can't bring myself to take new meds. Not all the time, and also depending on what it is.
Any suggestions, thoughts or advice is most appreciated.
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You do realise the OP wrote this question over 3 years ago, right? lol
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You do realise the OP wrote this question almost over 3 years ago, right? lol
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RockyMD, I don't know who OP is, and someone in the past wrote the exact question as I did? That's scary......lol. At any rate, I'd be interesting to hear from some of the ones knowledgeable in this area. I do have, what I think, a pretty good knowledge of many facets in this area, but I'm always open to input. :)
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It looks as though this thread is dead.
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"While you probably won't believe this, the Xanax is actually making your agoraphobia worse. That is what Benzodiazepines (all of them) do over the long-term. They make everything worse"
The above statement I am sure hit all your followers upside the head like a slegehammer.  I think you should explain what you mean by that.  There is enough bad press about benzos as it is.  The web only hears from those who have had problems with them.  If one is doing fine on benzos and life is good, they will be no where near a forum like this.
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Ryan's advice about tolerance and crossing over to klonopin on a schedule is widely supported by experience and studies and definitely the safest way to go in my opinion.  

Valium is also used as a cross-over drug for people with tolerance, particularly if they are wanting to withdraw from benzodiazepines. (Which is often a good idea if you're taking them long-term--they're really best for short-term or intermittent usage only, as they are highly addictive and have many side effects.)

Once you develop tolerance, the symptoms you experience when you try to stop the drug (panic, increased anxiety) are actually caused by the drug. It doesn't take long to develop tolerance to benzos.

There are serious questions about psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants.  They are potentially very dangerous. But they are also certainly very profitable for pharmaceutical companies, so you aren't going to hear a lot of publicity about the downside.

Here are a few non-crackpot websites about benzodiazepines, withdrawal, and psychiatric drugs in general:





Hope this helps!

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I went to a detox center 3 weeks ago for xanax. I've been taking it for over 25 years. My last prescribed dosage was 5 mgs. a day. They detoxed me in 5 days using librium, and sent me home. I am in a terrible detox state, worse now than in detox. I'm having a problem finding a doctor who knows about xanax withdrawal. What type of doctor should I see. My original doctor who prescribed it wanted to cut a 1/2 mg a week, which I don't think would work too well. Any help finding a knowledgeable is greatly appreciated. I am now taking 0.5 mg of klonopin 3x daily, which isn't helping much with withdrawal. I am fearful of seizures or worse. Should I go back on the xanax?
Pleasse help
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Can I make a clean switch from the konopin to the valium?
Thanks for all your help
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i'm nwe....i just starting oxazepam...i hope it'l help me
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Looks like Ryan ( RCA7591) left these forums, his posts were all deleted. I don't think he is a doctor, although he seemed to know alot about pschopharmacology.
Wish there was a benzowise doctor on this site!!!

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I have been suffering from panic disorder for 4 years now. I am not able to take any anti-depressants as therapy due to reactions. Klonopin has saved me. I still suffer but it is much better than just xanax. After 2 years of xanax I had to come off and I was chenged to klonopin .5 x 4 times a day. You will be very sleep in the begining but that tappers off and you will be fine in about 3 weeks.
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I am thinkiing of switching from my 2 mg xanax twice a day to klonopin as well.  I heard its longer acting and I find the xanax to not be working or they dont last as long.  Im going ot ask my doctor and hope she gives me the 2 mg klonopin so same dose because of my severe post traumatic stress syndrome.  My mind races and i can live day to day its always week by week and i get so down about it i cant stop from being frustrated and depressed.  I have anxiety attacks easily.  I have two young toddlers so it adds so much for me and its not fair to them so i need something to just take and help me live normally.  I also have OCD and cant seem to kick that i am on lexapro but honestly think it does nothing so I might try switching from that too but  not sure to what.  I was on celexa which wasnt bad but i think it stopped working from being on it so long but maybe now i can try again. welle see. any advice?
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I have been switched between 3 different Benzo's for my anxiety/panic issues.  In addition, I take 60mg Celexa and Ambien for sleep.  Diagnosed with PTSD..
As far as Xanax goes, it works quick and I always felt a buzz from it and I was on 1mg 3x per day and I never felt like it was enough; my triggers are many and its hard to leave to house.  I was switched to Ativan- a longer lasting benzo and I felt better for about 2 weeks but then felt like I grew a tolerance to it; it really doesn't take long for that to happen.  I tried not taking the Ativan for about 2 days and had some unpleasant side effects: chills, sweats, tremors, headaches, chest pain, severe panic/anxiety, flu-like symptoms... Somehow I knew it was withdrawal symptoms and did something very dumb..  Took many many Ativan all at once and ended up in the ER.. After a long visit in the mental health section I was switched to Klonopin which is supposed to be the longest lasting benzo; I believe I have been on it for 3 weeks now and -YES- it ALWAYS makes you tired..  I could literally sleep all day after taking that which isn't good to isolate for so long.  However, the anxiety isn't resolved from the Klonopin so I  may ask for an increase or a switch back to the Ativan in a higher dosage.  I am not one to rely on medication either but until I can find some peace of mind with the triggers I would choose medication and a cloudiness over the panic and anxiety..  That is my experience with benzos..
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I have been taking either 1 mg ativan or 0.5 mg xanax as needed only, for about 20 years. I take the xanax to help me when i can't fall asleep, and the ativan when im forecasting a nerve wracking event. ativan does not make me sleepy, just relaxes me. xanax will put me to sleep.
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My good friend recently (two weeks ago) was put on Klonopin to perhaps improve her outlook on life....it was so depressed.  She's found that it makes her dizzy and she tends to stagger around at work....it also, surprisingly increased her libido.  While she cheerfully accepts the improve libido (is this for real?),  the dizzy and stumbling around at work does not impress her co-workers (and definitely not impress her supervisors for obvious reasons).
I take .25 Xanax (as needed).  Has never affected me like that and definitely has done nothing for my libido, LOL.
Are her reactions for real ?

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Klonopin can produce that side effect.  She should discuss the side efffects with her doc.
Perhaps she can split the pills in half and take less?

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I have been taking xanax 1mg 3-4 times a day 2 during the day and 2 to get to sleep. I have GAD and panic attacks I also take 60 mg of adderol before I go to work. Lately when I take a xanax I black out where ever I am and wake up an hour or 2 late. Never before happened and same dosage think about switching to Xanax XR or Klonopin any advice? If I don't take benzos I get panic attacks and anxious all the time.
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Xanax has a rapid onset, usually about 20-30 minutes. The effect of the drug is usually done within 2-2.5 hours as apposed to Klonopin, which has a slow onset of about 45 min, but is active for 6-8 hours. They both do the same thing as they are in the BENZO drug class, one is just for quick reliefe w/ a short half life and the other is a slower onset w/ a longer halflife. So it really just depends on how severe you panic attacks are and how quick you can get them under control.

Hope this Helps
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i so agree with what you posted...i am on xanax and it is for severe GAD and depression. Im also on cymbalta. i know that im dependent on xanax but when i feel better then ill wean myself off the xanax. true anxiety is dibilitating and sometimes benzos are all that can help you stand the pain. Thanks for your post.
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i have had panic attacks since I was five, my twin sister as well. We inherited it from my dad, and his dad, etc etc. Im so sorry that youre experiencing these feelings. I started taking Klonopin 22 years ago. It was, for me, the best thing to have happen. I however dont like to take pills of any sort. I started taking Klonopin for severe panic disorder, OCD, etc etc. I started taking 1/2 0.5mg twice daily. Its been 22 years and I now take 1.75 mg. On the flip side, my twin sister takes xanax and klonopin. She was taking over 20 mg of Klonopin, chlorylhydrate(sp?), and xanax, all washed down by yukon jack. She was having seizures etc etc. Her liver is messed up and so is her brain.  The reason I tell you this is because you need to also incorporate some cognitive behavioral activities into your wellness plan.  You technically should not "feel" xanax or Klonopin. You should just notice that you dont feel anxious. My sister insisted that she was to be medicated to the point of numbness. That lead to her addiction to it. My lack of addiction I attribute to doing a LOT of hard work mentally. There are a lot of tools that you can use to assist the medication so that youre not dependent on it.
At 21 years old I withdrew completely and was agoraphobic for 6 years. Much of the time spent in my bedroom. With some cognitive behavioral therapy I was able to get out of the house and eventually was prescribed zoloft. In six months I was at college in Massachusetts (from MI).
I look at it this way, if you have diabeties (or anything) you have two treat it two fold. One; your medication. Be open and honest with your prescriber about your medicines and how you take them, as well as heeding the RX label warnings. Two; your mental health. Dont rely on Xanax or Klonopin to cure you. IF there was a miracle drug...i believe Klonopin would it... that being said, you have to meet any good miracle halfway. Watch what youre eating, no alcohol, be sure to sleep in a sleep conducive area, allow yourself time to "fret and worry", and remember panic attacks are "destressing, but not dangerous." Relief is on the other side of panic attacks...so instead of fighting it, invite it to come on. Most of the time youll realize that the fear is just the unknown and by staring it down its no longer an unknown.  There is a GREAT Dr. who has written a fantastic book call "Recovery" By Dr. Abraham Low. They also have meetings all over the country (the group name is "Recovery") for people who are prone to panic attacks, and generalized anxiety. Youre not alone in your feelings. They can be paralyzing for fear, or embarrassment. That is what leads to Agoraphobia. As a Socialpsychologist, I recommend that you don't avoid places that cause you to panic. Purposefully go to those places and stay there until the panic passes...and it will. Your brain will learn that its not the environment, "People places or things dont cause your panic...its your response to them."  Youre brain is very specialized, and can do many things...but it can only do one one thing at a time. Like a computer... but not nearly as fast. If you can only think one thought at a time...think of something pleasant. When the anxious thoughts re enter... erase it like a chalk board, crumple it up like a piece of paper, blow it up with dynamite, ...and return to your pleasant thought. I have found that saying the rosary works for me. I am not particularly Catholic, but the repetitiveness keep the mind occupied until my logical mind can regain control.
I replied to youre post because most of these people on here, including myself, are old friends with these symptoms. I could make a candy necklace with the amount of meds that the Drs try to prescribe to me.  You for some reason are experiencing these now and arent sure what to do. Its easy to take these pills and have them do the work, but if you can gain control over them for the most part and just take a small dose, youre likelihood of addiction or maxing out on the efficacy becomes less. Believe me, panic attacks are not worse then coming off of benzos. Panic attacks come and always go.  Addiction is always there.  Drs can only do so much: You have to decide if you want to be tuned in; tuned out; or tuned off.
My very best to you.
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I've got a gut-wrenching family funeral to attend and I know that I will NOT make it without the help of a benzo.  My question is.... If I'm only gonna take it at max two weeks while I"m with the family but I want to be NUMB, whats better for me to try... klonopin or xanax???  I cannot take funerals at all!!!  I get so upset I cry loud enough for Florida to hear me from California!  I get hysterical and CANNOT quit!  I have totally NO CONTROL over my emotions when it comes to funerals so???????  Do I try to get my doc to give me xanax or klonopin?  Please try to answer quickly if possible, the funeral is this week in Kentucky so I've got to talk to doc on Monday at the latest!

Thanks so much!
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my dr started me off on 1 mg of kolonopin 3 times a day...no ween up...just here start this now. I have very bad anxiety and get attacks...but was that way too much to start with i am reading things about people who take .5 2x a day?
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After several years of taking Xanax, usually .50 to .75 per day, to help treat Anxiety and slight depression, I found that the Xanax did work well. It's very effective within about a 20 minute onset. I've also tried several of the SSRI's with limited success. I'm currently on 20mg of Celexa. It's been 10 days. I was just switched today to .05 mg of Klonopin twice a day at bedtime. I took one this afternoon to see how it compared to the xanax. It took about one hour to feel the effects, which are the same as xanax, just not as strong. But thus far, the Klonopin does seem to feel smoother and not so abrubpt. The xanax works quick and well, but leaves you almost drained waiting for the next dose. I'm anxious to see how much longer this Klonopin stays in my system. That's what I need so that I can get through a days work as a cop.

  I feel for all of those persons listed here and who suffer with these debilitating illnesses. You need the Lord Jesus Christ in your life first. He will guide your path. See 1st Peter 5:10. God gives us medicines to use appropriately, not to abuse. Consider the source before you believe some of these posts.
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Have read all the posts and just wish to the Lord above that I had never, ever taken benzios. Valium made me aggitated, unable to sleep, and yucky. Ativan did the same. Then I was given Xanax. Took it for 2 years-1 mg. only at night. Then a series of bam-bam-bam life episodes had me taking a pinch aftrer a brutal anxiety raising episode. then, it just quit working! Not taking it made my skin crawl, nerves jump, brain blips, jerky shaking. However, taking it made me ill as well--to the E.R. over and over even by ambulance due to fainting. So a drug counsellor recommended that I try using Klonipin. I am taking .5 twice a day, but am wondering if I should cut it to .25 and try tapering off after two weeks? But then what? This seems to be a darned if you do and darned if you don't.
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What is the best way to ween yourself off of xanax???? I have been taking xanax for about 3 months I was taking klonopin for 1 and a half yrs then I went to xanax. How should I ween myself off
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For reducing anxiety / calming down, I like klonopin (clonazepam) better than xanax (alprazolam). Xanax makes me too sleepy. I usually fall asleep on it. I get really loopy and drunk feeling if I take too many, which is easy to do, because I'm taking them for anxiety, and xanax isn't as good, for me, at combating anxiety as klonopins are. Now, xanax gives you more of a "high" supposedly because it affects serotonin, along with GABA. Xanax gets you more drunk feeling than the other popular benzodiazepenes. You may have problems walking and/or talking on higher doses. Also, memory loss or "black outs"is very common with xanax. Plus, xanax is usually the most expensive benzo on the black market, $5-6 for the 2mg bars. Also, valium is like weak klonopin. Why take 4 10mg blue valium, when you can take 2 1mg blue klonopins and get a similar effect. My 2 cents.
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Hello, Im new to this, but here is a little about me. i have been on Klonopin for a little over 5 years and recently been presribed to 3x perday.  Im finding that Klonopin is no longer working for me, a family member is on Xanax and during an anxiety attack it actually calmed me down and I felt better.  My problem is im 36 year old male and can barely drive a car any more without my anxiety hitting me while driving I have barely avoided 5-8 car accidents on the interstate within the past two to three weeks.  I dont know what to do, my dr keeps uping my Klonopin to 3 a day and took me from Pristiq to Viibryd. This is not working, went to a councelor and they told me ways to avoid my SEVERE panic attacks and they dont work...... What do you do when your only hope in life is to never leave your home in fear of driving or going to the grocery store?
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Hi, this is also my first post here. I take xanax two to three times a day. (.5) I also take Wellbutrin and have recently started Viibryd (a little over 2 months). My anxiety has mostly been my driving too...and a few other things. But I have been taking xanax for several years now. Never had Klonipin. I would rather take a med like xanax when I need it, than take something I hope works when I need it...lol

Just wondering, how long have you been on Viibryd? It is really working wonders for my anxiety while driving (so far). I actually drove on a highway this past weekend! Yea! It has been years!!! Tried to go off the Wellbutrin, thinking that the Viibryd would work for both...that didn't work. So, seems my 3 meds together are doing great! I sure feel a lot better!!

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I have spoken to a few people over the years who had social anxiety and also trouble speaking in front of groups of people (not good when this is part of your job).  
They had good luck with beta-blockers (like Atenolol).  Good luck...
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Wow.. it's good to know you're not alone with this anxiety/ Panic attacks .. it's world stopping and it makes you feel like you can't be all you can be. I started off on .25 mg of Xanax and was recently prescribed 1mg that I take first thing in the morning which is a whole lot better however by midday I yarn for a quick .25 mg to settle me down (is this safe). People that don't suffer from this disorder have no clue what it's like to be in constant pain... back, neck, chest and fear for your life. I wish everyone the best.
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Youre absolutely correct. Stay with long half life Benzos like Valium (Diazepam) and Klonipin (Clonazepam). The shorter the half life the faster it acts and the faster gets out of your system making you more tolerant and finishing the prescription days before the refill.
I wish we all will not need a Benzo.


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Just to replay on what you were talking about. I've been on Xanax for 5 years, three NON stop, everyday type deal. Recently, my biggest fear of life happen to me. I had a seizure here at my house and didn't even know at the time.. I even hit my head on the way down. This was all because the Xanax was not treating me. Wasn't helping at all.. to be honest, I swear the more I'd take, the more I'd get anxiety.. So it came time for me to fill up my prescription and I hit a massive withdrawl that I didn't even want to leave my house. Pretty much suffering here knowing that this day will come, and it sure came after dodging it for such a long time. Before I keepin on rambling and not make any sense, I went to the hospital ( emergency room for what had happen to me..)     Scared me to death. I've been Xanax Free for over a month and a half now.. BUT I did start taking Klonopin 2mg.. First week was 4-6mg.. now I'm down to 4mg... And the funny part is that now the second one doesn't call unless some triggers my anxiety really bad/crazy or I can't go to sleep.        Basically, if you can get off the xanax, by all means, try and so so.. TRUST ME, i have gone to hell, back and back again.. with drawls are the worst thing in the world.. but Klonopin with help u ease off the xanax.. at least u won't be taking xanax.. immediately u'll be feeling better in the sense just knowing your not taking it.. your memory even the way you are will change ..    PPL will even tell you.
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anyone tested for lyme? usually unexplainable anxiety is lyme
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just a quick one because i feel very hopeless at the moment.i am currently living in the uk but originally form south africa.i went through a very rough patch in 2010/2011 and started to get flashbacks or i don't really know what you call it of places,streets and areas in South africa.i know it is nothing to be scared about right???its going on for so long now that i don't know what to do with it anymore.did any of you ever experience this before???HELP.so i was prescribed xanax but very scared to take them as i don't know if they will help me.
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Klonopin is also used to treat seizure disorders I believe...
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I have been using xanex for years and it helps me sleep very well at night ,however I  have developed muscle twitching constantly in my legs and occasionaly in my upper body along with mental lag.This is a bad drug for long term use.It took me over a year to realize what it was doing to me.It will scare the hell out of you in the long term.
Wellbutrin is the worst drug in my opinion due to side effects. They are well known for causeing horrible seizures. And permanent facial nerve damage along the body also. I myself have been on this medication and it had many side effects on myself. Lamictal is so much better and works just like wellbutrin but without all those crazy side effects. I'm not a doctor so all this information I'm giving is strictly my opinion on this drug. Good luck my friend. Take care.
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I took klonopin for 10 years and just quit my self without the help of a doctor. No I said No withdraws at all. So what you said is not true I weened my self off klonopin
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I've been on Klonopin for six months months now 0.5mgs twice a day. It helps me a WHOLE lot with my anxiety and takes away my hand tremors due to my anxiety. I have anxiety REALLY BAD!  I recently got on airplane and flew feeling very very calm with no panic attacks on the plane. Before taking Klonopin my doctor tried EVERY MEDICATION OUT THERE to keep my anxiety under control. Nothing else worked. I have been on Lyrica for almost two years even that doesn't stop my panic attacks. Lyrica does help me with my pain that I have in my back. With Klonopin I feel relaxed and don't get so emotional before my period. Bottom line KLONOPIN WORKS FOR ME! Another bonus about Klonopin I no longer think about hurting other people cause it takes away ALL UNWANTED thoughts. Everyone reacts differently to medication. By the way I see my doctor every two months.
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I have PTSD and a very serious anxiety disorder. It took years of going to dr. After dr. I finally found one that is wonderful with treating me i take 6 2mg klonopin aday also loxipine 5 mg 5x aday, visteral 100mg 5x aday, and for sleep he has me on 30mg and 15 mg of flurazepam(dalmane). That's just the psych meds. I also take soma. And even with all that my anxiety is not under control neither are the flashbacks- better just wish i could feel " normal". What else can i do or take. Like i said this dr. Is the best he wants to help me not like the many drs. Who looked at me like im crazy and gave me wrong diagnosis and meds. That were awful. Any suggestions on what else to do?
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I take paxam 3 times per day 2mg great for anxiety. 2mg bar xanax ruin lives and can cause derious dramas as you can't remember a bloody thing. Im also on 1000mg seroquel at night, 45mg avanza at night  and stilnox at night and 10mg baclofen twice a day and 100mg disovable antabuse for alcoholism. on 18 tablets a day at the age of 33. And finally found the right psychiatrist. also on 120mg (24ml) methadone each day as i was addicted heavily to opiods. Never touched heroin or iv. Thats me.
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