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left arm goes numb?

anyone ever have their left arm go numb or hurt a bit when stressed or having anxiety?
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yes... except my right leg goes numb as well as my arm and hands and my face muscles draw up... i still havnt found out whats it is....
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YES!  I do!  Thought I was the only one!  I think it has something to do with tensing up the muscles on the left side.  I dont really get it on the right side.  So of course I always think its some kind of blockage but it really likely is not.    
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YES! Along with headache and feeling dizzy! Hate it!
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Hey there, it is one of the anxiety causing physical symptoms, this is because ur anxious and ur heart is pumping more often than hw it suppose to be causing oxygen is nt delivered to tissues properly causing numbness, it will get better as ur anxiety level decreases, no worries, I've experienced it n nw my numnb finger is normal again, relax more, tc
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Yes..i've experienced and still do the numbness and tingling sensations etc.  I used to be frantic but not a bit more calmer knowing it's just sensations and it will pass.  However, in the beginning i would think i'm about to have a heart attack or so.
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YES...I am soo worried..it only happens EVERY SINGLE time Im stressed out. and my stress levels are  high.. this started about 2 years ago, out of the blue. ONLY on the left side, though it never travels as far and my leg. It goes from my neck to my entire left arm. it starts out as merely uncomfortable, then it gets unbearable to the point of tears.feels as though i need to extend my arm, or have someone pull it....  I try and lay down and strech my arm as far as it will go, but that never helps. i self medicate with 3-4 advil and a xanax and within a half hour all symptoms are completely gone. VERY SCARY & painful...
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My arm is that way right now I was just recently diagnosed with anxiety I took my hydroxyzine this morning now its worn off and im trying not 2 take it again until tonight b4 bed but right now my head is hurting until im kinda blurry eyed and my left arm feels really tight and hurts a little it seems to happen from time 2 time with the anxiety and it ***** I wanna be able to just tell myself that its in my mind and it go away but its not that easy
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I just started feeling numbness slight stinging pain and tingling in my left arm only. And hand and fingers. This is the first time I've ever felt this. It happened during sleep and I jolted up because I thought I too was going to have a heart attack. I googled everything and I don't have chest pain or nausea or anything or any other heart attack symptoms. Also my lips aren't blue or anything. I have been very stressed out lately for months actually. And prolly have anxiety well pretty sure. I am also prescribed suboxone, but I've taken it for yrs on and off never have had this issue. I am worried and freaking out a bit. It's barely tingling now. I thought I slept on my arm wrong but I know this is different. It was throbbing like, but the severity wore off once I walked around a bit and tried to calm down.  I feel like it could start back up at any moment. I also have been trying out some anti depressants from the dr "Trazadone" I don't really care for it but I take a little sometimes to help me sleep. I am wondering if it's the mix of drugs? Anxiety? Or bout to have a heart attack? This is my first time to feel this. I'm an avid runner and athlete as well. Run like 15-20 miles a week sometimes. Could anyone shed some light on this please ASAP? Listening to all of you does make me feel better, and like you guys when I calm down it tends to dissipate. I'm tired as hell but scared to go back to sleep. I drove to the hospital earlier and just waited in the parking lot in case something worse happend. I calmed down and drove home, granted it was 3am. Please somebody let me know ur thoughts on this!!??
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I had same experience before. When anxiety/panic attacks strike, u feel like dying w/ sympton like racing heartbeat, left arm numb/pain, headache, feel like pass out, fatigue, chest pain, & blood pressure rising. One occasion, I had a blurring vision. In 2012, I went to ER 7 times in a years for panic attacks. The only problem doc found is acid reflux that cos my panic attacks. In fact, I went thru a series of testing (EKG, stress test, x-ray, CT scan, & blood test). Everything came back fine. But they did find acid reflux on me after endoscopy. And put me on med. Now I watch my diet, exercise 30 mins a day, drink chamomile tea to reduce my stress, and get 7-8 hours sleep a day. Also try to forget thing that stress me. As long as u understand the anxiety/panic attack, u need to learn how to relax. Take control of the situation. If in doubt, do like crs281 did. Drive to ER and wait outside. If situation didn't improve, then check in ER. This might save u thousands & thousands of dollars of medical bill.

So watch your diet, learn to relax, & most important get away from stress situation. Everyone stress is different, but the anxiety/panic attacks are the same. Learn to live with it. Hope this help. If not, keep reading the forum and find your remedy.
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I needed to read That!
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what is it u take for this
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Yes, when I'm stressed. along with my left hand. No heart attack, although it runs in my family, on my side (father's.)
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