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lexapro help please.

Hi I've been on lexapro for three weeks I started with 2.5 mg for 3 days then 5 mg for 12 days then the remainder of the time I've been taking 10 mg. I have this weird heavy head tingly feeling and my anxiety seems to be worse . Should I stick it out has anyone felt this way and stuck it out and eventually felt better. Please help I'm new to this site and meds. I've been dealing with anxiety for 10 years and I finally felt I had to do something about it.
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It seems I get more anxious before I eat . I'm afraid of choking on my food. I've never had to worry about that.
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Various head pressures and the like are common side effects of Lexapro.  Give it 4-6 weeks to see if the benefits, when they start, outweigh the side effects, which begin immediately.  If the problem persists and the benefits aren't that great, it isn't your drug.  Also make sure you need medication, meaning your life is seriously disrupted and non-medication means, such as therapy, have been exhausted.  Good luck.
Yes you are right I feel some head pressure and my anxiety kicked up some. I wish I had gotten it prescribe by a therapist and not a Dr I wish I would have tried the therapy you talk about first thank you for responding Paxiled.
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