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lexapro increased my anxiety

Started lexapro 10mg,seemed to make the anxiety worse. Do not want to take benzos unless necessary. How do i get on these without additional meds?
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How long have you been on the Lexapro?  It's not at all uncommon to experience an increase in anxiety during the adjustment phase of these kinds of meds.  Typically, that symptom will improve after a week or two, then resolve completely after that.

You could always ask to decrease your dose down to 5mg and then slowly taper up.  You doc should be okay with that, and sometimes that will help minimize the severity of the side effects.

Benzos can be used for a short term period of time, while you're waiting for the side effects to abate.  A few weeks of taking a benzo, especially if you only take it as needed, isn't a big deal.  These are things you definitely want to discuss with your doc.

Let us know the outcome!
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Nursegirl RULES!!
Does lexapro for gad sound right? took the 10 mg for 3 days and each day the anxiety got worse,stopped. Dr. wants me to try xanax alone for anxiety and insomnia,havent slept much in days,xanax .025,which i am afraid to take after a poor experience with Ativan. Nursegirl respect your opinion,dangerous to take xanax even at low dose?
Thank You
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It takes about six weeks for an antidepressant to work, while the side effects start right away.  If you take the benzo regularly you will become addicted to it, so it's best taken as needed.  Benzos also aren't that good a solution to insomnia.  They interfere with REM sleep and can lead to long-term insomnia, and that would require taking them every day and they are addictive.  Sometimes that's what we need, but often we turn to drugs before trying other things first, such as therapy and relaxation techniques.  Good luck whatever you end up trying, but if you really wanted to try the Lexapro you didn't give it much time to work and I think if you gotta take a drug antidepressants usually, with some exceptions such as Effexor and Paxil, for example, are easier to deal with stopping than benzos for most people.
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The insomnia and anxiety together is my problem,seemed more anxiety from the lexapro and then no sleep is a bad circle. tried ambien,didn't like it. don't know how to procede,if i start the lexapro how to deal with no sleep and extra anxiety
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I personally think that, as hard as it is sometimes, it's better to try to stick it out.  If your doctor is willing to put you on a benzo anyway, I would recommend using it to help you get through the start up side effects, as in the long run, it would be better if you found some relief with the Lexapro.  You could always try to start out at a lower dose as well.  

No doubt that the first week on an antidepressant can be a little rough, but for most people, those side effects are short lived.  That's my recommendation, try the Lexapro, and take an as needed dose of the Xanax to help with the side effects.  I would not recommend taking the Xanax regularly for any longer than a few weeks, tops, if you stick with the current plan.  

Is your doc a psychiatrist?
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No he is not a psych.. Wants me to try the xanax for a couple days to hopefully help with the anx and insomnia. i am afraid of xanax
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